Friday, September 9, 2011

you will have only 1c left in your libertyreserve account

if you happen to receive such an email as below:

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Never send you any links or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear Liberty Reserve S.A, Member!

Congratulations! You are awarded with $100.00 for participating in our September survey!

Every month we randomly select 10 Liberty Reserve accounts and award them with $100 USD.

You are the one on 10 winners this month. Congratulations again. As sons as we will receive your reply you will pay you the $100 directly in to your Liberty Reserve account.

Follow these steps to receive your money.

1. Login to your LibertyReserve account, go to Merchant Tools.
2. Click on "Create new API"
3. Enter the following entries
3. API Name: lrcontest ( make sure to not add space between words )
3. Sec. Word: winner1
4. Check ENABLED
6. Check BALANCE

Other values leave to default.

Reply me with your LibertyReserve number after enabling these settings.

Reminder: Never click on links in emails. Liberty Reserve will never send you any links.

For information and support please use our contact form in the help section of our web site.

Thank you.
Never follow it all you will have only 1c left in your account.  Be aware of the domain name it is not risk is existing always, be careful!!!

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