Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Recently we relaunched our Rewards program. Now you can earn up to $20 per 10,000 downloads! Check out the new program here! Now we pay for all file sizes above 20MB. Yes, we pay for downloads of file....

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Create and share slideshows with FileFactory Slides

Create and share slideshows with FileFactory Slides

Share you photos with family and friends using our advanced slideshow editor. Create cool effects, add text, and resize and rotate images! Then embed your slideshow in your website or blog. Easy.

Earn cash for hosting your popular files with us!

Earn cash for hosting your popular files with us!

FileFactory Rewards is one of the most generous programs around. We pay consistently for all types of traffic. Simply start uploading and we pay you for each successful download.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

inboxdollars-get paid to survey

this program is look like sendearnings.com because this 2 web own by one company http://www.cotterweb.net/ as I already said before,although this site look creppy old and plain design this company has collect millions of dollar just from this 2 website ,according to INC 500 this site has collect enormous $12.4 million in 2007 with only 24 employee ,so join now it is free,and according to that millions dollar history ,I assure you they are not that stupid to scam your time here the link;


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tricks To Get Paid per write Without You have to write it your own
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well hope this will bring discussion and thanks to reading

Sunday, December 14, 2008

mginger - be paid for reading SMS

How much do I get paid per advert I receive?
For each advert that you receive you get 20p. You can refer your friends and family on mGinger. For every advert that your friend receives, you get 10p and for every advert that your friend's friend receives you get 5p.

How do I get paid?
After accumulating Rs. 300, you are entitled to receive a cheque from us, mailed to your address you provide during the signup process. Thus, it's in your best interest to provide us with the right and accurate mailing address and personal details. To receive the cheque, click on the "Pay me now" button on the "Earning" screen.


get paid to write in sps

Check out this opportunity to earn money working as a freelance greeting card writer. No professional experience required... you just need some creativity and heart.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008


You earn lounge points by posting and starting a discussion. As you post more, your rank will also increase. Once you reach a certain rank , you will get paid twice every month. Its easy to reach the rank,i reach it in a week time.

5th rank - $2
4th rank - $3
3rd rank - $4
2nd rank - $5
1st rank - $7

There are many Contest and Lotto to earn $5 - $10. There are 5 lotto each week , you just have to guess the correct answer (its very easy) and have a chance to be pick randomly to earn $5-10.

payment proof just receive today proof of payment


5 cents/post
5$ payout
Payments are in LR or Paypal.

* You are allowed to make only 20 posts/threads per day.


some rules here


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

britishrewards - no minimum

get paid to click
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and more offers ...

paid mothods:
  • Paypal (Minimum Withdrawal 2.50)
  • MoneyBookers (Minimum Withdrawal 1.00)
  • Cheque (Minimum Withdrawal 20.00)
  • Charity (Minimum Withdrawal 5.00)
  • Woolworths Gift Card (Minimum Withdrawal 5.00)
payout proof

newest payout:28 May,2008

Welcome to Breezyrewards, the UK Cashback site for the masses. With hot exclusive offers, that could earn you money in seconds join today. With a fresh new professional site, we are here to deliever you a new reinvented quality service.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


gptreasure.com provides offers which we have to complete by signing up the given websites. For each sign up they offer some 0.10$ to 0.20$. I have been paid 14 times by gptreasure.com

No minimum payout.
You can request payout as soon as you complete the offer.
They will pay weekly twice, wednesday for "offers" and "friday" for referrals.
For each referral you will get 0.10$

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The site link is Gptreasure.com - Get Paid To Complete Offers

Friday, December 5, 2008

myhpf - Mysearchfunds

here is my status in the site now

Searches: 80

My Search Earnings: £0.68

My Affiliate Search Earnings: Not Available

My Shopping Earnings: £0.00

My Affiliate Shopping Earnings: £0.00

Please note that all payments are subject to a minimum of £20 and are paid between 45 and 60 days after the month end.


subvertandprofit - Subvert and Profit

This site pay you 0.50$ for digg or stumble other site! Payout is at 10$ by PayPal!



So MYHYIP is now a paid to post forum and i'm working for it as well. however not all sections are paid, here's the list where you will get paid.

General Discussion
> HYIP News
> HYIP Tools
> HYIPs Scam Warnings
- Report Scam

> Get Paid To Post
> Get Paid To Click
> Get paid to Surf
> Get Paid To Promote
> Get Paid To Sign Up
> Others

> EBuyGold.com Digital Currency Exchanging Forum
> Exchange Your Gold In China (Chinese Simplified)
> Money Exchange
> Debit Cards
> Games Or Casino Forum

currently the posts rates are:
5 cent per thread
3 cent per post
10 cent per referral and reputation

100 credits = $1
* will confirm with the admin for processor rates

minimum payout $10, which is 1000 credits.

Minimum Payout mainly through Liberty Reserve, E-Gold & E-bullion.
Payment processors like Paypal, Alertpay, SolidTrustPay and so on are supported, but limited per month, check on availability to cash out

profile about myhyip:
> basically a non PTP forum that talks about HYIPs for the pass 5 years
> was not a international forum before, but now it is
> was using IPB in the pass, now its VBulletin

*the forum is still under customizing~ so bear with it for a while, but all facilities for members are there.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

dollarsurveys - Take a quick survey and earn $1.00 via PayPal!

Take a quick survey and earn $1.00 via PayPal!

Take multiple surveys everyday!


Enter Your PayPal Email
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dNeero Reseller Program

What do I need to do?
The program is very simple for you to use.
  1. Tell organizations about dNeero.com. Send them email. Call them on the phone. Hand out fliers on the street. Create a viral video and post it to YouTube. Think outside the box.
  2. Convince them to ignite a conversation of their own. They may want to generate awareness about a product or service. Or they may want to learn about their market. You need to convince them to use dNeero to ignite conversations.
  3. Give the business your Reseller Code and tell them to apply it in the last step of conversation creation. Of course, they'll need a dNeero.com account.
  4. Sit back and relax... any time the organization pays a social person through the conversation you'll earn money. You'll see the amounts added to your dNeero balance automatically.

How much do I get paid?
You get paid 5% of whatever the conversations pay to bloggers and social people. For example, if you sell a conversation that pays social people a total of $1000 you earn $50.


Ebizv - www.ebizv.com !!

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Sponsoring is not required however if you promote ebizv opportunity you will earn 10% of all the money invested on ads by the person whom you had sponsored.

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Alertpay & Liberty Reserve

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Webmasters can choose to use our successful international billing solution to bill THEIR own content or to promote and bill OUR content free of charge.

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buxout - payout proof


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Joining Buxout.com will allow you to earn extra cash just by visiting websites for a period of 30 seconds.

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here is payout proof from buxout.com (2008-12-2)

globaltestmarket - get paid to survey

How it works...

Complete your profile surveys to qualify for more opportunities.
Complete online surveys to earn MarketPoints. Redeem for cash.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make Real Cash with "QYAO" Economic Network

"What is Qyao"..............QYAO is a Business, Social Network and Search Engine offering highly intelligent money making schemes to which no other program can compare.

All projects in QYAO are planned to benefit Members first and than QYAO, even in cases where QYAO doesn't earn directly. QYAO has the lowest Membership compared with all professional sites, and works as a big community where Members help each other. Many temporary campaigns help Members earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a matter of days. There is something for everyone. Who ever says they cannot earn with QYAO, means he/she doesn't want to work.

A Member can start from the lowest level (Regular) and grow. Who really wants to succeed can do so with QYAO. In a few months, a member can accomplish a top steady business providing him/her with solid living, financial freedom and more spare time. Economy and City units costing $2,000.00 can be acquired free if Members work and qualify for Communication Manager. Such a unit can generate a 5 to 6 digit monthly income if run properly. There is a way for those who are eager to succeed to do so without a penny. Yeah correct they don't even need to upgrade, they'll get upgrade free. All they have to do is show they are worthy with their work.

When a new Member signs up he/she receives a welcome Message with a list of Communication Managers (CMs) whom they can contact to help them with explanations. Every person, regardless of skin color, religion, geographical location or sex, can open a QYAO account and start earning money easily. New Members are not limited to one account; They can open as many accounts as they want. These can start by Signing Up as a Regular (free) member or Elite member.

Being the at the lowest level in the business, Regular Members are limited in activities and earnings. Elite's earnings are 250% more than Regular's earnings. Regular Members can learn from Communication Managers who explain on a step by step basis (given to each individual on joining). Communication Managers in turn report to General managers who have great interest to gather as many Members as possible in their social circles. Members mean traffic, earnings, upgrades and power in the QYAO system.

QYAO is a growing Family Cirlce consisting of members in different positions who are always ready to help newcomers and any other member in the business. No dedicated member has regrets in joining QYAO because it PAYS to devote at least 1 hour per day.

"Why QYAO"...................Every member is automatically an affiliate, having huge monthly earning potentials.

Members are able to earn without investing a penny, according to their efforts put in PPC Promo, Shared PPC, Paid Messages, Search-Engines and much more!Members earn daily using advertising resources in QYAO . This makes it possible for each member to earn daily revenue, which increases per day.

QYAO members have the priviledge to transfer their funds to Partner sites such as First zone in order to earn higher daily incomes.

Depending on one's effort a member can be promoted to higher posts (explained in QYAO Hierarchy) within the company which in turn generate higher income schemes and benefits for the individual.

Qualified members are able to benefit from Custom, Economy and City Units used in QYAO.Credit limit up to thousands of dollars is credited to the qualified member's Unit in use for advertising within QYAO.

Start by getting familiar with the benefits and duties of all members within the qyao system. Read more through the QYAO HIERARCHY stages shown in the menu.

Continue on Part - 2 (Membership) - CLICK HERE

"QYAO" Hindi Section of Indians - CLICK HERE

Click here for Signup

Click here for Terms & Conditions

Click here to see my Qyao Profile

Click here for Qyao FAQ

Click here for Qyao Privacy Policy

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