Thursday, January 26, 2012

European debt crisis spread to emerging markets, consumer confidence tends to negative

More and more organizations began to notice the debt crisis negative impact on emerging markets is rising. HSBC data released Tuesday by the euro zone manufacturing slowdown and the crisis drag on, the fourth quarter of last year, emerging markets, weak economic growth. Credit Suisse said in the Monday, the annual survey, and wage inflation is expected to decrease by the impact of emerging markets this year, consumer confidence will decline.

HSBC data show that the fourth quarter of last year, emerging markets index (EMI) was 52.2, and 52.0 in the third quarter, essentially flat. The index of 16 countries according to purchasing managers' index (PMI) compiled the assessment, to achieve above 50 shows economic expansion.

Jane Shaun HSBC chief economist, said in a statement, the fourth quarter of last year, emerging market economies to achieve only modest growth, highlighting the growth of global trade decline after peeking in early 2011. Reported that the manufacturing slowdown in emerging markets is a major cause of weak growth. Last year's fourth quarter, manufacturing output in emerging markets appear the biggest drop since early 2009, Asia was the worst performance.

However, Jane Shaun also pointed out that "despite the emerging markets in the next 12 months, there are many things to face, but they have cut interest rates and fiscal stimulus provided by the space, to provide some of the chips to come back."

In addition, Credit Suisse announced on Monday the global survey of consumers in emerging markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China, the number of optimistic consumers than pessimists lower compared with last year. Credit Suisse said that Indonesia's consumer confidence. The survey also found that consumer in emerging markets athletic footwear and other non-consumer lower spending on necessities.

Overseas medium commented that if the global economy can maintain a certain momentum, it must be driven by emerging markets. However, with the developed economies, emerging economies are also enveloped in the world's largest economic threat - under the shadow of the debt crisis.

In addition, although the price-earnings ratio close to emerging markets since 2009, the cheapest level, but still not preferred by investors, the market worried about slowing economic growth is not conducive to profit outlook. Last year, Ming Shang (MSI) Emerging Markets Index fell 20%, as compared the stock market in developed countries fell by 7.6% in 2011, the U.S. S & P 500 index is almost flat.

"Now you want to publish 'buy' signal, but also too early to say," French bank Society General in London, head of global emerging markets strategist Benoit Anne said, "emerging market economies face the risk of a serious slowdown. Taking into account macroeconomic factors, at this juncture, it excites our willingness to buy emerging market equities. "

International Monetary Fund (IMF) first deputy president of Dali Weil Templeton said on Monday, IMF is seeking to cooperate more closely in Asia, to reduce the impact of global crisis on the region and promote more stable and strong global growth.

Lipton said: "From a global perspective, the pace of economic activity weakened, Europe and the world face significant risk." He stressed that now needs to focus on identifying more promising way to overcome the crisis. If you do not take bold action, Europe may fall into confidence, growth stagnation and unemployment increased risk. Today's interconnected global economy, not a single country or region can be spared, for the trade and financial ties with Europe closely in Asia in particular.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Filehosts - Corporate Offices & Server Locations

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Friday, January 20, 2012

MegaUpload: What Made It a Rogue Site Worthy of Destruction?

File-hosting services all around the world will have looked on in horror yesterday as MegaUpload, one of the world's largest cyberlocker services, was taken apart by the FBI. Foreign citizens were arrested in foreign lands and at least $50 million in assets seized. So what exactly prompted this action? TorrentFreak read every word of the 72-page indictment so you don't have to, and we were surprised by its contents.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MegaUpload Shut Down by the Feds, Founder Arrested

MegaUpload, one of the largest file-sharing sites on the Internet has been shut down by federal prosecutors in Virginia. The site's founder Kim Dotcom and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand on request of US authorities.

will close?

Read This mail Below
The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of " Warez" Forum. If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:

Include this full email (particularly the headers).
Message sent to you follows:

Dear fellow members,

It is unfortunate for me to inform that will be closed permanently by the end of January 2012. We had a lot of fun running the site, seeing the forum grows, getting to know our members, but all good things must come to an end.

We have been in operation for over 5 years since 29 November 2006. We now have over 90k members, 5 million posts and database size of over 50GB. All of that, we operate in non-profit and only continue to do it because I love doing it. However, in the past year, I had been very busy with my life and hadn't been able to put much time into the site I had created. We had been flooded by countless spammers and auto-posters, and while it is easy to manage and block their spam at first, it became tiresome over time as they will not stop. These spams hindered our server speed, and slowly they hurt our "quality" brand that we built for years.

In the most recent year of 2011, I have received a total donation of $227 out of $4320 expense. All the extra expenses are paid by myself alone. While it was fine at first, many years of paying like this has accumulated to a large sum of money, and at this point, I cannot afford paying like this anymore.

If you would still like to support us, you can always make a donation to us or tell us about your memories you had with It won't change the fact that we will still be closing at the end of this month, but we do appreciate every support and good cause towards us.

You will have some time left to backup your posts, trade contacts with other people through private messages, finish your unfinished businesses, or to take one last look at Warez Form before it is closed. After that, everything will be gone.

Thank you everyone for creating the best community forum we have ever witnessed. I will miss us all. Farewell, and goodbye.


Default Current SOPA Blackout List - 18th January - SOPA Latest Information Add to nirmalpattara's Reputation

The bills being presented to the United States House of Representatives would effect BOTH Privacy AND Piracy. SOPA is a bill against Piracy, which would institute new anti-piracy organizations to crack down on illegal content downloaded from the Internet. PIPA, the other bill being presented, stands for 'Protect IP Act' and would institute shields that would effectively end all IP tracking by non-government organizations. These bills are the biggest Privacy bills presented since the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.

SOPA is an infringement on our liberty as members of free countries also, and so does mess with Privacy as well. The US government passing SOPA would effectively give them permission to monitor ALL United States Internet Communications. And when the US passes this bill, it is most likely that the UK and France and several other countries will push to pass it as well.

Video Explaining All About SOPA:

SOPA Current Blackout List
- WordPress
- WikiPedia
- Reddit
- Minecraft
- Namecheap
- Redstonehost
- icanhazcheeseburger
- Flickr
- Imgur
- Tweetpic
- Tumblr
- Vimeo
- Mozilla
- HideMyAss
- VanillaForums
- RageMaker
- Red 5 Studios
- LeakyWiki
& Thousands more websites.

Google WILL be having a blackout. Full News about it here :

I think once Google hits the blackout shits about to go down...

Apparently Google may be changing there page too the following image below after reading a few sources.

Default Obama Stops Controversial SOPA Internet Piracy Bill Add to leonight's Reputation

WASHINGTON-President Barack Obama has said that we would not support the controversial SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that would allow the justice department to force search engines from linking to sites that were accused of copyright infringement and require Internet providers to block those sites as well.
Read More

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

French media views to the impact of being downgraded

"Tribune", "Le Parisien", a French television station and other media on January 13 and 14, the international rating agency Standard Poor's sovereign credit rating to France dropped from 3A 2A + , and to downgrade the French economic, business and personal impact of the correlation analysis, are summarized as follows:

Nationally, the cost of debt will rise, interest rates or the growth of 1 percentage point more than this year the state will pay 10 billion euros. Analysis of media, said higher interest rates will lead to the real estate market downturn, the resulting decline in industrial production-related, but including public hospitals, post offices, railway companies, including the public sector and local governments will increase the cost of borrowing, which will bring large-scale, multi-level effects.

In terms of firms, large enterprises generally believe that the
re will not be much effect, because investors have been prepared and large companies more likely to get investment and borrowing. Puts a greater impact on small businesses suffer, SME associations in France, said French credit was downgraded, SMEs will postpone hiring employees, slowing business investment, which will further increase the pressure on employment.

Personally, the biggest impact may be to increase the tax burden. Sovereign credit was downgraded, the French finance minister Ba Luan said it would continue to tighten monetary policy, which means that the next government will not take measures to stimulate the economy such as tax breaks to encourage consumption and investment, and may also allow individuals to bear additional tax burden. In addition, personal loans more difficult, higher interest rates lead to higher prices, which may be the next personal problems.

Law and Order generally believe that France was downgraded
as one of nine the countries, the crisis-ridden for the euro area will be another big shock, European countries are working to rescue the euro area, Standard & Poor's, and this will be a heavy blow to investor confidence in the euro area, the number of months all the way down the euro will face more disastrous situation.

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Emerging Europe will be the most serious areas of the European debt crisis

French media ( Jan 16th reported that, according to the French Export Credit Insurance Company (COFACE) latest report shows that country risk, emerging European countries have become intensified by the European sovereign debt crisis areas worst hit, the region's economy is currently in trade and other aspects of external bank lending tightening effect gradually. Due to emerging countries directly affected by the euro zone sovereign debt spread, the Bank of Western European countries will reduce their branches in these emerging countries, financial support. Since 2000, Eastern Europe became the world's fifth largest economy in the fast-growing region, mainly due to the support of a large number of external loans, it is estimated that claims to support the European banking sector in Eastern Europe about 70% of the GDP growth. Moreover, as these economies received a large number of mostly private sector external loans, with loans from the gradual depletion of European and Eastern European emerging economies will suffer a huge impact. COFACE also suggested that North Africa and the Middle East should be alert to the wave of political change in Eastern Europe may have increased the political risk.

COFACE report also shows that in 2011 global insurance accident insurance, expenses increased 19%, of which euro-zone countries involved in the business expenses grew by 28%.

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S & P put France in the watch list, Euro will remain difficult

China encourages foreign investors in labor-intensive industries for midwest areas

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce recently released a new "Industrial Catalog for Foreign Investment" (hereinafter referred to as "directory"), January 30, 2012 will come into force. National Development and Reform Commission official said, they will complement the revised 2008 edition of the "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment", the focus is to increase labor-intensive project entry, encourage foreign investment in central and western regions meet the environmental requirements of labor-intensive industries.

The official said that in order to promote foreign investment in central and western regions, in 2000 China introduced the "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment." "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment" in the "Directory" developed on the basis, will be able to play a central and western regions comparative advantage permitted and restricted foreign investment projects included in the directory, enjoy the policy of encouraging foreign investment projects, and equity ratio limits appropriate to relax. This directory of local resource conditions, industry characteristics, based on the implementation has achieved good results.

The official pointed out, the central and western regions have the source of energy resources, labor, and other advantages, infrastructure has greatly improved, to develop an open economy is ripe, they will combine the "second five" plan "outline" to determine the direction of industrial development in central and western regions, to add amendments to the 2008 edition of "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment", the focus is to increase labor-intensive project entry, encourage foreign investment in the Midwest regional development, environmental compliance, labor-intensive industries, while included in this "directory" encouraged amended to delete the part of the entry.

According to the person in charge, the "directory" removed part of the amendment encouraged entry, will promote the central and western regions to undertake industrial transfer, develop industries with local advantages Midwest principles, in the revised "Midwest Industries for Foreign Investment directory "be taken into account.

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Europe recession caused export in sad situation in China


Saturday, January 7, 2012 scam?spam?fishing?

today i got an email from an email with the title Western Union Customer Survey and there is logo with the pic 


the username is Western Union Customer Feedback

and the whole content is below:
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Now see, thats very rediculous and should not be from western union company!! it looks very like a fishing email, be careful!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

eBay Inc. Acquires BillSAFE

By combining BillSAFE with PayPal, which serves more than 15 million accounts in Germany, PayPal believes the addition of BILLSAFE will provide a comprehensive payment service for merchants and consumers. BillSAFE works with merchants of all sizes in Germany, giving them a simple and secure way to let shoppers purchase using an invoice. Customers simply select the item they want to buy, and then they receive an invoice for payment after the item is received.

source at businesswire

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New scamming email related paypal

Be aware of this kinda new scamming email since paypal account is easy to be hacked by those fishing links.

if you put the mouse upon the button "Senden" there will be a link appear as "kadada44"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

S & P put France in the watch list, Euro will remain difficult

On Tuesday, the euro has just recovered from the holidays suffered from the rating agency's "New Year's gifts": Standard Poor rated the French in watch list. Despite the strong German employment data recorded up to support the euro days, under the background of the ratings alarm and a large number of euro area debt in the context of economic, the euro will remain difficult.

In recent days the euro rebounded against the dollar, breaking 1.30. Earlier this week, Germany's unexpectedly strong employment data for the euro can rise on the action. Data show that in Dec, German adjusted unemployment rate to 6.8%, lower than the previous 6.9%; thus in 2011 the average unemployment rate hit its lowest level in 20 years.

However, in the European market trading, the rating agency Standard & Poor's sovereign French credit rates on watch list, suggesting that the French downgrade risks remain, the market renewed concern for the euro, euro rally is also facing a potential threat. In general, the ratings were placed on watch list means that in the next 90 days French will have 50% chance of being downgraded.

Europe recession caused export in sad situation in China

This year, the recession in Europe, the case of the U.S. economic slowdown, China's exports will face more severe challenges. The industry was widely predicted that this year will be the most difficult financial crisis since the year, exports or weak trend will continue and may even comes with trade deficit, exports of cold wave struck!

Pearl River Delta, labor-intensive export-oriented processing enterprises of small and medium enterprises, facing the economic downturn in Europe and America while the technical barriers make it is more difficult to survive. How is their survival status now? What challenge are foreign practitioners can deal with? What should do for the future business?

Thousands of credit card information stolen in Israeli

hackers claimed to be from Saudis

Israeli credit card industry said on Tuesday that hackers claimed to be Saudi leaked on the internet credit card information of thousands of Israelis.

According to the Bank of Israel, it affected 15,000 credit card users, not like hackers claiming to be 40 million.

Israel's largest credit card issuer Visa CAL spokeswoman Sagit Ofir said that she could not confirm whether these hackers are from Saudi Arabia.

Israel's Ynet news said the hackers claimed that the attacks are "a New Year gift to the world" in the hope that this "will allow the Zionists wallet get loss"

Ynet said the stolen credit card information appeared in a sports Web site of Israel shortly and thereafter got deleted.

Israel admitted credit card information was leaked, the network has been blocked from purchasing, and the cards will soon be replaced by a new one, it is not clear how this information got stolen.