Saturday, January 31, 2009

Low $0.50 payout through PayPal/Alertpay!

Paid To Read Emails and Ads ,Paid To Click ,Paid To Promote ,Click Exchange ,20% Referral Earnings
Low $0.50 payout through PayPal/Alertpay!
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The site limk is -

They r very new site, so, they did not have any payment proof.... Very Happy to earn money

this site is different to need to register in this site.then after that they will send messages to your mobile.per every message they half rupee.minimum pay out is 300 rupees. - paid to answer

get paid to answer simple question. there are different categories of questions. you can select your own chioice of interests and give answers.
for each right answers you get .01zdobz points. .1zdobz equlas 1 cent.

payout is 4$ through alertpay.

here are the various sections for questions
  • Multiply numbers
  • Learn French
  • Countries and capitals
  • Equations
  • Famous Places
you can use calculator or google search for answering..

here is the link:


Current Rates

This the current rate schedule for the Gomez PEER program. For the definitions for any of the terms shown here, please consult the glossary. These rates are subject to change in accordance with the current terms of service. Your earnings may not reach the maxiumum amount shown.

Online Time Payments (per day) $0.10
Processing Time Payments (per min.) $0.0005
Referral Bonus (per Active Referral) $1.00
Min. Monthly Payment $5.00
Max. Earnings per month $45.00
End of Cycle 2009-01-31

Friday, January 30, 2009


* Our Features
- Accept International Members
- Accept all kinds of traffic from United States, Canada, West Europe
- We Count Per IP Every 24 Hours !
- Earn Up To $2.80 Per 1000 Valid Impression
- MIN $1 Payouts Will Be Made on the Weekend every Two Weeks !
- Payouts through Paypal or LibertyReserve !

* Our CPM rates
- Tier1 CPM = $2.20 (N Lev.) | 2.40 (S Lev.) | 2.80 (G Lev.)
- Tier2 CPM = $0.45 (N Lev.) | 0.47 (S Lev.) | 0.50 (G Lev.)

- Tier1 CPM = $1.80 (N Lev.) | 2.00 (S Lev.) | 2.20 (G Lev.)
- Tier2 CPM = $0.35 (N Lev.) | 0.37 (S Lev.) | 0.40 (G Lev.)

* Referral Levels Of Commission and Joining Bonus
- Level 1 - 10%
- Joining Bonus - $0.00

New ptc in prelaunch mode, more info soon.
Official start in February with full secured SSL.

Standard Member Click:
- $0.0075 per click..
- $0.0025 per referral click..
Premium Member Click:
- $0.02 per click..
- $0.01 per referral click..
Payout: $5

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hostbidder - - Get free domain by posting! is a forum that pays ou HB points for your posting. You will earn different points from different sections there.

Suggestions & Free Hosting Forums - 4 Points per Post
Website Design, Promotion & Revenue & Hosting Forum categories - 10 Points per Post
General Forums - 3 - 5 Points per Post
Offers and Requests, Advertising Forums - 1 Point per Post

You will be rewarded points for a maximum of four posts in any one day. Thas means you will get a maximum of 40 to 44 HB points in a day.

You can redeem your points as below :
250 points for free website templates,
900 points for free domain (1 year),
2000 points for $15 USD

But please make you redeem either a free templates or domain first before you can redeem for cash money.

Check it out at

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

moneymakerstalk-get paid to post

0.03 Credits/Post , 0.04 Credits/Thread
Our Current Rate , 0.01 Credit = $0.01
Minimum Payout , 2 Credits = $2
We are just paying through Evowallet now
If you dont have evowallet account . Join here .
For exchanging your evowallet to other currencies . visit it .

You're allowded to post 25 posts/day at moment (But we can Change to more at any time) , But you're limited with 5 threads/day Per Section (If you make more than 5 threads in a section in a day , It'll be called as flooding , then you'll recieve an infraction)

Payments Will be Processed every Saturday

joebucks,markethealth-the woret affilate program

markethealth,whose forerunner was

it is one of the worst affilate programs in the world.

it is Hijacking cookies from its members' PC.and so all sales from members are robberied by admin.

50% commision is so big a mount and it is so offending to be robberie.

How people scam your LR(libertyreserve) with AP(slertpay)

For example this thread

Archelonx started as "ave 80$ AP , need LR"

hello , i have 80$ in my AP account
i want exchange it to LR , PM or ECU
Anyone can exchange for me and offer your rate , pm for me if you interest
thank !

here vizhi replied

I will provide $74 LR or ECU.
if you are interested,reply me

generally AP will be sent firstly,and the LR will be sent.
but Archelonx can reserve AP soon and so vizhi's LR will be actually scamed by him.Coz LR can not be refunded at all.

gomez,what's going on?

Dduring these days gomez has deleted many accounts,thoug it was saying it was not effected by the ecnomic crisis,actually it was.
there were many bugs exists in its script by the update at the end of the last year, and some accounts were deleted caused not being updated.
its software worked not that good as before,though new updates,there are still some problems they could not resolve.
so is that the reason gomez deleted so many accounts?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

investdad - - New Paid To Post Forum

Become InvestDad's Forum now to get:
- 0.3$ AG,LR,AP for your registration

- 3 cents for new thread, 1 cent for new post

- 50% commissions to help us selling ads

- 100% RISK-FREE TO INVEST IN HYIPs,SURFs and others

- 120% RCB in all sites


- Minimum Cashout $0.50

problem from intoffers

when i tried to login it appeared"Your account is currently marked as "please contact us to update your profile."

have you ever heard of this problem?

is it easy to verify your alertpay account?

i saw a person saying that it is easy to verifiy our AP(alertpay) account.

here is the way:ID card + mobile charges

be ware that the address should be correct.

".tel"domain will launch?

it is said in ICANN that".tel"domain will launch from 3rd,Feb 2009.

after 2 years of examination and approval,the domain name will be on sale for the public,which is characterized by the domain name focus on individual and corporate communications.

it will support phone numbers, addresses, user ID and even GPS coordinates a fairly good degree.

The early price of domain name registration will be 300$/3years.after the day of March 24 and good domain names are registered then the price will fall to 10-20 dollars.

Monday, January 26, 2009

CashTalk - !!

Get paid to post, promote, refer...

Yes you can earn cash on this forum, you just need to post or send visitors to our site or refer people to join.

Now you probably ask your self why would we pay you?Or how will we pay you?
Answer is simple we will share our profits with you and we will earn cash on many different ways.

Points System
For each post you make on the forum, you'll earn CT: 2 cash per new topic and CT: 1 cash per new post, plus any bonuses (capped at a maximum of CT: 500 cash)
CT: 1 cash per word
CT: 0.5 cash per character

Redeem 140,000 points for 4$
Redeem 220,000 points for 8$
Redeem 30,000 points for 0,5$
Redeem 50,000 points for 1$
Redeem 600,000 points for 30$
Redeem 80,000 points for 2$

This site has been online and paying members for 1 year.

The Link To the forum ..

Kindly Appreciated if you put rockstar12345 as your referrer or Its fine if you register using the link in my signature marked "Paying Forum"
That would be appreciated

Hello Dear Friends,

I am introducing to you my new forum .

PTP is on

You will get 0.10 credits / Threads
You will get 0.08 Credits / Reply
You will get 0.25 Credits / Active Referral (More than 10 posts)

Once your Credits reach to 5.00, you can request for payment.
you will get $5 via Liberty Reserve.

there will be much Contests,Prizes .

After that, the Success of the forum will be affecting on you also .

Let me Know if you have any Suggesstions .

I have installed a new Radio in the forum that has many Channels so you can entertain yourself there .
I want to see you all entertained by staying there;discussing , listening to radio and soon i may install some games .

Due to my lack of time, so i hope to see you promoting the forum at most of other forums .

wordlinx -

This is the story of the tortoise and the hare. There are many site with big promises but at the end turn scam. However this one, one of the longest serving yet and going strong towards the finishing line. I have got my 3rd payment without any referrals. I got payout within 24 hours too. Cheers happy earnings.

Payment Proofs - Check out the dates.

Join here wordlinx

Try to add more details about any site don't just post payment proof and thread title.


This is one good paid to post site that started last november of 2007. You will earn 4 cents per thread and 3 cents per response. You have only limit of 20 responses a day. Pays by paypal. With $7 minimum pyaout . Payout request is done every 25th to 31th of the month.

Not all topics are paid topics. Topic like general discussion and payout section are not paid sections. almost all sections are paid section.

BRL Webmaster Forum -

BRL Forum (Proof) is Webmaster oriented forum which allows you to earn money for posting and be active on their forum board. They have own good and advanced point rewarding system where you can easily earn money.

This forum have many users and you can easily find many interesting webmaster related stuffs and more. Their points are called BRL$. 100 BRL$ equals 1.11 USD $. Once you get 200 BRL$ you can request payment via PayPal.
List of BRL$:

Birthday Credit - BRL $25 (Your birthday.)
Positive Reputation Credit -
BRL $3 (Awarded when you receive positive reputation.)

New Thread Credit -
BRL $3 (May varies forum by forum)

Rate Thread Credit -
BRL $1

Posting Credit BRL -
$1 (May varies forum by forum)

Post Size Credit -
100 Words x BRL $0.001

Poll Create Credit -
BRL $1

....any many more

Daily BRL Forum admins and community posts many useful awarded contests and promotions where you can earn even more money. Once you get minimum required amount for payment request PM admin with your PayPal details and payment will be processed to you. Peoples who uses this forum says that payment is fast - usually in maximum 42 hours from your request! Register now and start making money the way you want it - it's free of course! to post forum is a new paid to post forum.

The rates are varing -
New Thread: 1cent plus 0.1cent per word up to 30 words
New Reply: 0.5cent plus 0.1cent per word up to 30 words
Someone replies in your thread: 0.1cents
Referral: 30cents
First new post from your account every day: 1cent

The minimum payout for a Normal Member is $20 and for a Upgraded Member is $10. Payment through paypal
Min words per post is - 30 words to get qualified

NoExpiry - New Paid to post Forum

NoExpiry forum is a new paid to post forum.
$0.04 per thread
$0.03 per post
There is limit of 10 threads in paid section per day.
Unlimited reply posting (no spamming)
Payment threshold $12

Please read all the rules before posting
Read the rules here:
Read on how to earn here:

Join NoExpiry Forum

result with key word "webtradehut"

this is a new nice result with the key word "webtradehut" in google,and the position of my blog is in the second place.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My blog in google(and

some traffic from not only google but from a new site went to my blog.
it is so nice.and today many more traffic from search engine than before.
some key words are in the pictures below:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My blog in google...2009-1-21

i will update my experience about my blog in google.
it can be seo or anything good to my blog.

the name of my blog is "Daily Payout proof"
the url is

and after up to 2 months there are a lot of traffic from google to my blog.

today i saw a word "view4money" from google and my blog got the top place,it is so exciting!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 is the leading specialty-content site representation company with higher CPM rates!

Publishers are offered multiple ad formats such as 468 x 60 Banner, 120 x 600 Skyscraper, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle, 728 x 90 Leaderboard, Pop-Under, Interstitial among others.

Global Interactive provides its publishers with 100% Fill Rates, access to Brand Name Advertisers and fast payouts via check, PayPal, or Wire.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

PostParker - get paid to post


1.We encourage our PostParker users to use PostParker as much as possible.

2.Do not restrict yourself by simply responding to the discussions. Start new discussion topics which will attracts more replies.

3.We like you to start new topics and discussions. In this way you can earn more money.

4.No restrictions on post, you can post 1 or 100 or 1000 per day. Remember you will get paid for each post.

5.Your post must be more than 2 lines.

6.Single word or meaningless answers or response will be delete by PostParker moderators.

7.If you have any doubts or need clarification immediately drop a private message to admin. Soon you will get reply from support team.

8.We have automated tool with stringent algorithm to monitor each post [human monitors too].

Payment Terms:

1. We like to pay every users. no exceptions.

2. For each post or topics you have started, the payment will vary between 1 cent to 7 cents, its depends on the quality of your post.

3.While register instantly you will get 1$ as sign up bonus.

4.Minimum pay out is 10$, which will be paid via PayPal. No exceptions.

5.Once you registered in PostParker, you need to send your PayPal account details to admin as private message.This is for security reasons, since we received some complaints about PayPal spywares.

6.If you have any doubts feel free to contact out admin, admin desk will be available to assist you 24X7.

For more information visit

Friday, January 9, 2009

kewlshare - - Upload, Share and Earn

You will get about $0.005 / 5 Points for each Unique download.
(where the minimum file size will be 100 MB & Above.. )

10000 Unique Downloads = 50000 Points $ 50
20000 Unique Downloads = 100000 Points $ 100
100000 Unique Downloads = 500000 Points $ 500
200000 Unique Downloads = 1000000 Points $ 1,000
1000000 Unique Downloads = 5000000 Points $ 5,000
Credit System Details for FILES SIZE UP TO 99 MB:

You will get about $0.002 / 2 Points for each Unique download.
(where the filesize will be in between 20 MB to 99 MB.)

If Your filesize is below 20 MB or in between 1 MB to 19 MB,
You will get about $0.001 / 1 Points for each Unique download.
10000 Unique Downloads = 20000 Points $20
50000 Unique Downloads = 100000 Points $100
100000 Unique Downloads = 200000 Points $200
500000 Unique Downloads = 1000000 Points $1000
1000000 Unique Downloads = 2000000 Points $2000

You will get $0.10 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with KewlShare through your referral link and uploads his/her first file*! (where the filesize should be 10mb or more).

What is the Minimum Payout?
The minimum payout will be 10$.

Once You reach the minimum payout of 10$ you can make a payout request, and you will get the payment in 12 Business days.
PS:- Saturday and Sunday's are not Business Days

All payment to Paypal Account.

Earn Money for Sharing Files

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

comparedby - get paid to review

Hi Friends,

I come across one of the very good site called which pays $1 per one review (1000 characters & $0.25 for <1000) also bolus $1 for writing very first review for the product.

I have joined this site and earned $13+ in 2 days..

Minimum payout is $20.

If other members will rate and each rate will pay you $0.01

Also One more thing; When you rate other reviews and if your rating count reaches 10 you will get bonus of $0.25

And Also if you write reviews and if some one rate your 10 reviews - you will get bonus of $0.35

Invite someone - you will earn $0.25 and if that person write reviews you will again earn $0.75

I don't know anyone who received payment from this site..
Supports: PayPal

If anyone interested, I can invite them.. there is no referral link available for this site.

Thanks & Enjoy Earning!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

some ways people scam you!

1,"you have won!"some scamers told you have won and ask you to pay some fee before

you receiving the prizes.

2,they refuse use paypal but ask for bank directly.(you can ask for refund in


3,someone ask you to trade,and soon one another person talks with you with a

similar id,like Johny/Jonhy.and you may get trapped.

4,they use photoshop to make fake pic to let you believe their products or other

thing and you may be scamed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

ptcgoldforum -

The Forum Pay Each Member :
Premium members :
0.02$ For Each Post = 2 Credit
0.04$ For Each New Thread = 4 Credit
0.05$ For Each Refferal = 5 Credit
Stand members :
0.01$ For Each Post = 1 Credit
0.03$ For Each New Thread = 3 Credit
0.05$ For Each Refferal = 5 Credit
Payout Methods :
Our Payment Methods : LibertyReserve , AlertPay.

- Stand members : 5$ pay in Sunday weekly.

- Premium members : 2$ after 24h request.

- Premium member upgrade 10$/month with AP and LR