Friday, November 18, 2011 - cheap phone calls

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - Promo SwagCode for December

today i found a Promo SwagCode for December. if you are not a member of the site you can now register with this code. below is the detail of the code:

Worth: 80 swagbucks
Expires: 11/18/2011 12:00 PM PST

how to use it? please see the screenshot below!

remember the code will be expired soon! good luck!

what is swagbucks? its a paid to search program that accept all people who is using English!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Paid to uploading file programs - professional

Paid to uploading file programs had been popular for years, one of the typical of them is hotfile, which is somehow down currently.

general way to upload a file is the way from your computer to their hosts, which is slowly and easy to cause a problem and the process shut down.

another way to upload is remote way. you find the real link of the file and put the link then the process will work and it will take a short time. however there are fewer and fewer files we can find that show a real link to the visitors, so we should try another way.

the way is by using vps. however it is not free to use vps. to buy a cheapest vps service, it may cost about $5 to $8 per month. you can choose windows or linux system but mostly people choose windows which is a little expensive than linux. when all is setup, you could download files in the host and upload the files you have downloaded to the programs you have joined, currently one of the most popular is filesonic, others like wupload is also hot now.

so the third way is a professional way for you, make effort and you will surely make profit. but you should know some more tips such as pay per download and pay per sale in those programs.

you can read these article for more details.

does google accept webanswers?

just find an interesting site

How This Works

1: Create a WebAnswers Account and start Answering Questions

First create a WebAnswers account. Answer questions posted by other users in all kinds of topics such as hobbies, relationships, careers, finance, health and dozens more. Draw upon your life experiences and answer questions for which you know the answer. More questions you answer means more money in your pocket.

2: Open your Google AdSense Account

Once you have answered 50 questions, you’ll receive an invitation to open a Google AdSense account. This email invitation will automatically be sent to the email address we have on file. WebAnswers has partnered directly with Google where we display advertisements on your behalf. Google AdSense allows you to earn money on advertisements displayed on WebAnswers. Because WebAnswers reaches a huge online audience, you have the opportunity to earn lots of money.

3: Earn Money

Your goal is to have users select your answer as the "Best Answer" among all other answers posted to that specific question. If your answer is selected as the "Best Answer" you will earn ongoing advertising royalties on that thread and this question becomes yours to monetize. WebAnswers automatically displays Google Advertisements on your behalf for all questions awarded to your account. The more "Best Answers" you receive the more money you earn!
If the question isn't awarded yet, don't worry. We use our advanced quality score algorithm to rotate ads of those who answered the question. The higher your quality score the more times your ad will be shown on that question and throughout the site.
Currently is running a trial program where you also earn money by asking questions too. Think you know a good question? Go Ask it!
In addition, we also display ads throughout this site on your behalf. Learn more here.
Remember to provide quality answers – junk responses and/or spamming the system will count against you. Just answer each question to the best of your ability and your earnings will increase over time.
This is not a get rich system – we only seek experts who provide constant value and actively contribute to the WebAnswers community. If you have expertise at something, we invite you to create an account and to help others find answers and solutions to their questions.

Anyways, i wonder if google had accepted the system webanswers since google only like traffic from search engine. if webanswers can bring a high benifits to the members i think it is not fair to the advertisers and it can be called cheating. because it will be very easy to get profit by asking your friends to do work and help each other in the platform.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How do you think of - it had been at the beginning, turned to be currenct domain after that. and so many people are paying attention to this so called new e-currency. it is said that the users will be able to use mobile to make payment via this service which will be very convenient. and it could even stand to compare with alertpay and paypal in the future.

from internet we can see many reviews about virtapay now. many of them are saying it is a scamming program and will not work as it promised. one hacker even tried to hack their currency when it was paybox and he got it. he became millionaire in paybox, but he need some places to spend the big balance. so he looked for people to do offers and gave high sallary via the hacked currency. 

another people said he once saw google adsense ads appeared in the site, it does not matter much if it was paybox or virtapay, anyways it brought bad minds to the users if it was real. how can they make money with adsense if they are going to be such a big e-currency company?

whats more, why should they give free $100 in the users' VirtaPay account? and asked the users to login at least 2 days a time? i think it makes no sense at all. there had never be a currency company required their users to do this. and whats the use of the increased balance? we can not withdraw it, we can not spend it on any product except upgrading our account there? it is really not inspiring to the users.

there should be some fans of virtapay currently, because they are still keep active and pay attention to the news of virtapay's blog. but after a long time (it should be more than 1 year i guess), they are still on the way to the improvement. no one can tell how they will be working and any details of the trading and if there could be a platform for product sale. they just tell they are building and at the mean time the users will have more in their balance.

so, i remember one program AGLOCO launched years ago, it was promoted everywhere and they said if you have a lot of referrals you will make big money. they also had several languages but, after about 1 year, finally it turned to nothing, the domain was a little similar to google, when i remember the exact name i will show it here and tell the experience of the site.

Now let me show how people were promoting the site AGLOCO years ago:

Dear Downline,

I recently joined AGLOCO because of a friend recommended it to me. I am now promoting it to you because I like the idea and I want you to share in what I think will be an exciting new Internet concept.

AGLOCO’s story is simple:

Do you realize how valuable you are? Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE!

AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action.

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more.

AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

What's the catch? No catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information.

So do both both of us a favor: Sign up for AGLOCO right now! If you use this link to sign up, I automatically get credit for referring you and helping to build AGLOCO.

see more reviews about -

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something about Captcha

Many websites in order to prevent "robot" auto registration, the majority of the means of verification code. But for owners who, recently a research team from Stanford University's not good news came: The researchers used tools made ​​out of DeCaptcha improved OCR technology, including Google, Baidu, Visa, Blizzard Battle net, Wikipedia, eBay and CNN and some other sites, including 15 well-known tests and 13 of them more or less break the verification code.

The team used OCR technology firstly

One well-known network disk MegaUpload crack with a highest success rate up to 93%, Visa and Blizzard Blizzard's success rate was 66% and 70%, eBay, Slashdot and Wikipedia were 43%, 35% and 25%, CNN Baidu is relatively low with only 15% and 5%. Only two research teams can be completely resistant to optimize the use of OCR tools: common third-party verification code system reCaptcha with Google, only a success rate of 0 and OCR system completely unable to receive a responses.

Common third-party verification code system reCaptcha

Therefore, the increasing number of forums to join this type of authentication system code is also rare, and the best way to resist or problems of OCR output answers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

what if you show Boobs and Nipples in pages that are running adsense?

surely your account will get banned sooner or later. maybe sometimes you find a site is running like this, but who can tell it will be fine always? and the worst thing is your account gets killed when you have reached payout. so read adsense rules carefully about this area. it will take you a long time and energy to apply account successfully and since your name is unique generally you should treasure you adsense account.

what's more, if your site loos porno and the pics are of clothes, your account may  get banned as well. so do not try to waste time on those related contents. Good Luck!