Thursday, June 30, 2011

Penalties to Google

Google refused modification  in the Android Market terms of service before 27, Taipei, Taiwan government decided to give Google the company a fine of 100 million New Taiwan dollars (about 22.4 million yuan), and ordered that it must improve before July 1st, otherwise it will add severe penalties, which will be up to available to 150 million New Taiwan dollars (about 33.5 million yuan).
     Google Inc. on Thursday with the Taipei City Government will hold a further talks before July 1st, if they still unable to make changes to the Terms of Service, the law will increase penalties.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the official successor of Lagarde official support

Lagarde, 55, has not been a formal vote in the case, in order to win consensus members of this appointment. Earlier Tuesday, the U.S. government raised the official successor of Lagarde official support. The IMF confirmed the 24 Member States followed the appointment of Lagarde. Lagarde had previously won the Europe, China and Russia, etc., offered support.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talent management: the wisdom to let go

Good employees leave the company due to the bad news? Many Heads of State and Government to reply without hesitation: "Sure," and stressed that this situation has consequences such as brain drain affects the work of the professional integration of systems deployed, the resources hidden and valuable business and competitiveness of our competitors hit morale other employees.
These ideas emerged in the 1980s, swept the world in the human resources of the book "talent war" (war for talent), called in times when they are rich and reflect light, but it seems a bit outdated now suspected. Now, to attract and retain the best talent for business courses are still very important, but if you have the courage to go to the heart to provide sufficient space and the importance of respect for the employees of the company profit is the result of clearly positive.
In fact, a professional approach in both directions, organizations and individuals have the right to choose the right people, companies need the right people the right organizational platform. Find a platform better suited to their capacities, almost playing in the ranks of the instinct of migrant workers. With the changing times, this reaction is more intense than ever before. Compared with 60, 70, for further stable development after 80 and 90 after the start of the society may be more willing to express their individuality, to achieve their personal values.
Given this reality, can not be entrepreneurs will simply "horses" are people "to help my career," no talent "docile instrument", and companies need to create conditions, opportunities and the courage to show their talent and enjoy the show, when they find a stadium, give them the freedom to fly higher and farther.
Professor INSEAD Kege Frederick Dahl and others believe that companies in the flow of talent into a more relaxed state of mind can lead to a number of advantages. For example, if a former employee of the company grew to a similar business and maintaining relationships between the original company, to extend corporate resources to social origin and inspiration of similar innovative business.
Apple is a good example. This exodus of talent from the company's relationship was open enough, but the "camp of iron, water, the soldier," not only do not destroy society, but because "a lot" attitude that he has evolved "Rebel" opportunities for cooperation. For example, special 洛伦布里切 (Brichta Loren) as an engineer on the schedule Apple, then went out of business, working in software development, application products MoreIchatEffects pushed his particular company (Twitter) purchase. Today his company full time for the iPhone, IMac and iPhone Apple and other product development, an official statement Twitter. Of course, Apple, current CEO Steve Jobs also had to leave early, and eventually he decided to return to the nest.
Employees leave the high-quality services to the influence of the original company and reputation. This is now the fashion industry is no longer a secret weapon. Prada (Prada) and Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs), recognized as the "star designer" the cradle of many designers, the inspiration from there. Although many of them have the opportunity to leave or create your own brand, but because of the success after their departure, but the two companies to work as an attractive option for young designers who are also a time to honor senior designer to join the company.
Care Managers provides increased resistance to innovation space, the blood supply of the new company, offering securities to be an old Chinese proverb, "water does not rot, worm-eaten door stop." The so-called "New brooms sweep clean", they are often willing to do more work, more innovative, creative concepts and methods of work, but a small number of employees, pay attention to the prospects are ready to work harder to keep their talent for career development positive internal competition show.
Of course, in addition to courage to let go, companies can reduce the number of staff departures in the end, too many, too frequent phenomenon of brain drain is not well controlled. At the same time, the employee leaves, does not mean that companies do not set the value of talent. Issue in brief, is to think about the existing business and try to manage the wisdom, if used properly, that is a victim of reducing the companies of interest for development.