Saturday, February 13, 2010

paid to download

Here are some paid to download programs i show you!
you just choose one of them and keep on doing hard business and you will make real money with it!Good luck!

# How does the Bonus Program work? Upload a file to the service and get a unique download link.
# Give this link to your friends or place it on your site or blog.
# Your friends will download your files and you will earn from it $5 - 30$ for 1000 downloads.

* * You earn one point for every qualified downloads.
* * We pay 15$ for 10.000 points from any country
* * Payment processed twice a week
* * Payout via paypal
* * For every reffered free member you get 10 Points, for premium you get 300 points

Earn money on your files with!

* free downloads: up to $40 for 1000 unique downloads (including bonus)
* premium purchase percent: 30-50%
* volume bonus 30%
* flexible rate

FreakShare is the easiest way to host your data online. Even big files are no problem.
Our Service is free, easy and fast. Just select a file and upload it to our Servers.
After uploading you can send your Download-Link to your friends or partners.
As a premium member you will get many extra features. Highspeed downloads without limits etc.
Upload your files via our Remoteupload, Uploadtool or FTP.
You can delete, rename, list, order, search or move your files to folders or even other Accounts.
Perfect control: Statistics and History of all earnings and actions.
Register now for free and start to earn much money - up to 20 Euro for 1000 Downloads.
For every advertised premium account you will earn 1 €.
Earn up to 10 % of all earnings from referrals.

1 Revenue share

We count all premium account sales generated from your traffic (file downloads) and pay up to 50% of your total sales. Here's a breakdown:
o 35% – Our guaranteed base rate commission for all sales.
o 0% - 10% – Volume Bonus; depending on total monthly sales amount.
o 0 or 5% – Quality Bonus; depending on percentage of total number of downloads versus premium accounts sold.
Read in detail about this new program.
2 File downloads

Did you upload files to Easy-Share? Well, you'll soon realize it pays off! You'll earn ePoints each time someone downloads your files. You'll make up to 2 ePoints per download, based on the origin country of the downloader:
o 2 ePoints – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA
o 1 ePoint – Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexica, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
o 0.1 ePoint – other countries
3 Advertise Premium memberships

Earn ePoints by getting others to sign in for the Premium memberships. Login to you account, on the Tools > Discount Coupons page get the code. Install the code on your site. People get a discount when they purchase Premium memberships. We pay you 35% from these sales, depending on amount you sell within 30 days.
4 Referrals ePoints

Get 20% from referral accounts. You can get a linking code from your account and place it on your site.

Remember! ePoints is actually Cash! Get paid $1 for 1000 ePoints you earn.

Earn money while uploading and sharing your files with your friends. Our affiliate program is open for every registered member in our site. We have a flexible rate for each of your files:
Account type Earnings Table
5-50Mb 50-100Mb 100-400Mb
Copper $2 $3 $4
Bronze $3 $5 $7
Silver $5 $7 $10
Gold $6 $9 $12
Platinum $7 $10 $15
Note: All prices are for 1000 downloads.

Every download of your shared file earns you bucks.
NEW! Now Earn More with KewlShare. we've updated our Reward Program, and you can earn upto 10$ for 1000 Downloads.

1. Earnings and Payments We pay for unique download of your file, this means that we pay for every unique person that downloaded a file.
2. We pay for visitors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan and also for most of European countries.
3. We pay for attracted webmasters that you bring into our program with help of your referral link. You will earn 25 % from earnings of every attracted by you webmaster.
4. Payments will bу done in accordance with requests in your account. Your request term will take up to 48 hours.
5. Payments will be done with help of Webmoney, an online payment system. You can be paid a minimum amount of $5.
6. Commission for money transfer is being paid by us.

You must be a PAID UP PREMIUM member to join any of the affiliate schemes


* Minimum Payout for downloads is $20.00

* We pay 20% of any premium membership signups that you refer
(minimum payment $10) upon receipt of email naming you as referrer

* We pay existing affiliates $10.00 for any new affiliates they refer to us, once that new affiliate has generated 20,000 downloads

Redeemed cash rewards will be transfered via PayPal within 10 days.
Wire transfers are available if you don't have a PayPal account.

10000 reward points: One month premium membership
50000 reward points: 6 months premium membership
100000 reward points: One year premium + $100 USD
500000 reward points: Lifetime platinum + $500 USD
1000000 reward points: $1500 USD
5000000 reward points: $10000 USD

# Minimum payout is $100 USD
# What is a qualifying view? Up to one view per IP address will be counted.
# You are disqualified & banned if you try to manipulate your results.
# Absolutely no fraud!

Do you want to entertain your friends and earn money at the same time? All you have to do is obtain credit, which you can sell at any time.

It's easy, you can earn money from home and you can have the statistics for your profits in front of your eyes all the time thanks to the HellShare toolbar.

BTW: Even without knowing how to program.

Bonuns program
- every registered user can participate in the bonus program to earn money. We pay up to 100 USD for every 20.000 downloads. Every user starts with 25 USD and can enhance his earnings by optimizing his traffic. You can find the nessecary details on our bonus program information page.


an old program

You currently have five options for payouts: Paypal, ePassporte, Check, Western Union, or a Wire Transfer. Checks are for US residents only, and you can only request payment via Western Union or Wire Transfer if you are requesting more than 100$.

10 USD
for 1000 US Downloads

10 USD
for 1000 EU Downloads

for 1000 RU Downloads

for 1000 Eastern Downloads

Rates for 1000 downloads
Status 1-10 Mb 10-50 Mb 50-100 Mb 100-250 Mb 250+ Mb
Light $1 $2 $3 $4 $5
Base $2 $4 $6 $8 $10
Power $3 $8 $9 $12 $15
Ultra $4 $10 $12 $16 $20
General terms of affiliate program

* Downloads are counted from the following countries only:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.
* Every successfully completed download will be counted.
* The minimum payout amount is $30. Payouts are sent via Epassporte, AlertPay, PayPal and Webmoney.
* We send payouts by your request. All payout requests are processed within 7 days.
* We pay 10% of the amount earned by your referrals (people who you invite to work with us via our affiliate program).

see the funny flash
------------------------------------------------------------------------- credits you with 5 € per advertised premium user,
2 € for every further order & 1 Cent per download.

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