Wednesday, May 15, 2013

whats wrong with exchangezone?

it was said ExchangeZone will be down for 3-5 weeks last month, now its back, but whats appearing in the site?

Here was what appeared when the site was under maintenance.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Dear Clients,

Due to a major system update, our web site is entering into a maintenance stage that will require us to suspend temporarily all transactions. Please note that all funds currently in the system will be returned immediately back to originating accounts. Support will be temporarily unavailable during this update. Please check our website for more updates regarding this update and estimate date of going back up. Estimated allocated update time is approximately 3-5 weeks.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For pending orders please proceed within our "Help Desk".

Thanks for your patience.
Today i tried to enter my account but i found My account was not existed even i tried to get my acc back with my email. also there is Russian appearing in the site staying with English. so is previous EZ gone? How the site will working from now?