Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something about Captcha

Many websites in order to prevent "robot" auto registration, the majority of the means of verification code. But for owners who, recently a research team from Stanford University's not good news came: The researchers used tools made ​​out of DeCaptcha improved OCR technology, including Google, Baidu, Visa, Blizzard Battle net, Wikipedia, eBay and CNN and some other sites, including 15 well-known tests and 13 of them more or less break the verification code.

The team used OCR technology firstly

One well-known network disk MegaUpload crack with a highest success rate up to 93%, Visa and Blizzard Blizzard's success rate was 66% and 70%, eBay, Slashdot and Wikipedia were 43%, 35% and 25%, CNN Baidu is relatively low with only 15% and 5%. Only two research teams can be completely resistant to optimize the use of OCR tools: common third-party verification code system reCaptcha with Google, only a success rate of 0 and OCR system completely unable to receive a responses.

Common third-party verification code system reCaptcha

Therefore, the increasing number of forums to join this type of authentication system code is also rare, and the best way to resist or problems of OCR output answers.

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