Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello Dear Friends,

I am introducing to you my new forum .

PTP is on

You will get 0.10 credits / Threads
You will get 0.08 Credits / Reply
You will get 0.25 Credits / Active Referral (More than 10 posts)

Once your Credits reach to 5.00, you can request for payment.
you will get $5 via Liberty Reserve.

there will be much Contests,Prizes .

After that, the Success of the forum will be affecting on you also .

Let me Know if you have any Suggesstions .

I have installed a new Radio in the forum that has many Channels so you can entertain yourself there .
I want to see you all entertained by staying there;discussing , listening to radio and soon i may install some games .

Due to my lack of time, so i hope to see you promoting the forum at most of other forums .

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