Monday, January 26, 2009

BRL Webmaster Forum -

BRL Forum (Proof) is Webmaster oriented forum which allows you to earn money for posting and be active on their forum board. They have own good and advanced point rewarding system where you can easily earn money.

This forum have many users and you can easily find many interesting webmaster related stuffs and more. Their points are called BRL$. 100 BRL$ equals 1.11 USD $. Once you get 200 BRL$ you can request payment via PayPal.
List of BRL$:

Birthday Credit - BRL $25 (Your birthday.)
Positive Reputation Credit -
BRL $3 (Awarded when you receive positive reputation.)

New Thread Credit -
BRL $3 (May varies forum by forum)

Rate Thread Credit -
BRL $1

Posting Credit BRL -
$1 (May varies forum by forum)

Post Size Credit -
100 Words x BRL $0.001

Poll Create Credit -
BRL $1

....any many more

Daily BRL Forum admins and community posts many useful awarded contests and promotions where you can earn even more money. Once you get minimum required amount for payment request PM admin with your PayPal details and payment will be processed to you. Peoples who uses this forum says that payment is fast - usually in maximum 42 hours from your request! Register now and start making money the way you want it - it's free of course!

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