Monday, January 26, 2009

CashTalk - !!

Get paid to post, promote, refer...

Yes you can earn cash on this forum, you just need to post or send visitors to our site or refer people to join.

Now you probably ask your self why would we pay you?Or how will we pay you?
Answer is simple we will share our profits with you and we will earn cash on many different ways.

Points System
For each post you make on the forum, you'll earn CT: 2 cash per new topic and CT: 1 cash per new post, plus any bonuses (capped at a maximum of CT: 500 cash)
CT: 1 cash per word
CT: 0.5 cash per character

Redeem 140,000 points for 4$
Redeem 220,000 points for 8$
Redeem 30,000 points for 0,5$
Redeem 50,000 points for 1$
Redeem 600,000 points for 30$
Redeem 80,000 points for 2$

This site has been online and paying members for 1 year.

The Link To the forum ..

Kindly Appreciated if you put rockstar12345 as your referrer or Its fine if you register using the link in my signature marked "Paying Forum"
That would be appreciated

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