Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The bills being presented to the United States House of Representatives would effect BOTH Privacy AND Piracy. SOPA is a bill against Piracy, which would institute new anti-piracy organizations to crack down on illegal content downloaded from the Internet. PIPA, the other bill being presented, stands for 'Protect IP Act' and would institute shields that would effectively end all IP tracking by non-government organizations. These bills are the biggest Privacy bills presented since the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.

SOPA is an infringement on our liberty as members of free countries also, and so does mess with Privacy as well. The US government passing SOPA would effectively give them permission to monitor ALL United States Internet Communications. And when the US passes this bill, it is most likely that the UK and France and several other countries will push to pass it as well.

Video Explaining All About SOPA:

SOPA Current Blackout List
- WordPress
- WikiPedia
- Reddit
- Minecraft
- Namecheap
- Redstonehost
- icanhazcheeseburger
- Flickr
- Imgur
- Tweetpic
- Tumblr
- Vimeo
- Mozilla
- HideMyAss
- VanillaForums
- RageMaker
- Red 5 Studios
- LeakyWiki
& Thousands more websites.

Google WILL be having a blackout. Full News about it here :

I think once Google hits the blackout shits about to go down...

Apparently Google may be changing there page too the following image below after reading a few sources.

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