Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make Real Cash with "QYAO" Economic Network

"What is Qyao"..............QYAO is a Business, Social Network and Search Engine offering highly intelligent money making schemes to which no other program can compare.

All projects in QYAO are planned to benefit Members first and than QYAO, even in cases where QYAO doesn't earn directly. QYAO has the lowest Membership compared with all professional sites, and works as a big community where Members help each other. Many temporary campaigns help Members earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a matter of days. There is something for everyone. Who ever says they cannot earn with QYAO, means he/she doesn't want to work.

A Member can start from the lowest level (Regular) and grow. Who really wants to succeed can do so with QYAO. In a few months, a member can accomplish a top steady business providing him/her with solid living, financial freedom and more spare time. Economy and City units costing $2,000.00 can be acquired free if Members work and qualify for Communication Manager. Such a unit can generate a 5 to 6 digit monthly income if run properly. There is a way for those who are eager to succeed to do so without a penny. Yeah correct they don't even need to upgrade, they'll get upgrade free. All they have to do is show they are worthy with their work.

When a new Member signs up he/she receives a welcome Message with a list of Communication Managers (CMs) whom they can contact to help them with explanations. Every person, regardless of skin color, religion, geographical location or sex, can open a QYAO account and start earning money easily. New Members are not limited to one account; They can open as many accounts as they want. These can start by Signing Up as a Regular (free) member or Elite member.

Being the at the lowest level in the business, Regular Members are limited in activities and earnings. Elite's earnings are 250% more than Regular's earnings. Regular Members can learn from Communication Managers who explain on a step by step basis (given to each individual on joining). Communication Managers in turn report to General managers who have great interest to gather as many Members as possible in their social circles. Members mean traffic, earnings, upgrades and power in the QYAO system.

QYAO is a growing Family Cirlce consisting of members in different positions who are always ready to help newcomers and any other member in the business. No dedicated member has regrets in joining QYAO because it PAYS to devote at least 1 hour per day.

"Why QYAO"...................Every member is automatically an affiliate, having huge monthly earning potentials.

Members are able to earn without investing a penny, according to their efforts put in PPC Promo, Shared PPC, Paid Messages, Search-Engines and much more!Members earn daily using advertising resources in QYAO . This makes it possible for each member to earn daily revenue, which increases per day.

QYAO members have the priviledge to transfer their funds to Partner sites such as First zone in order to earn higher daily incomes.

Depending on one's effort a member can be promoted to higher posts (explained in QYAO Hierarchy) within the company which in turn generate higher income schemes and benefits for the individual.

Qualified members are able to benefit from Custom, Economy and City Units used in QYAO.Credit limit up to thousands of dollars is credited to the qualified member's Unit in use for advertising within QYAO.

Start by getting familiar with the benefits and duties of all members within the qyao system. Read more through the QYAO HIERARCHY stages shown in the menu.

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