Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Instant Money from over 240 countries worldwide!

China 1,2 Billion
India 1,0 Billion
European Union 457 Million
Indonesia 280 Million
Brazil 178 Million
Russia 144 Million
Japan 126 Million
Mexico 101 Million
Turkey 67 Million
South Africa 43 Million
+ 230 more countries

Do you want make money from all over the world???

Over 92 % of the world population has no credit card!!!
But Customers in 240 countries can pay for accessing content with a simple phone call!!!

Our programm enables the user to obtain a password in order to enter a protected member area with just one simple call. No download, No Credit Card needed, No simultaneous phone line connections necessary!!!

Our programm helps our partners generate substantial profits from Europe and over 240 countries. We pay up to $ 10.00 per password for the customers you bring in!

Our programm offers the answer in order to grow the "pay by phone" business internationally and to bring back the profitable European Markets. We are offering the password announcement in 45 different languages, so your users will be listening to the password in their own native language.


Webmasters can choose to use our successful international billing solution to bill THEIR own content or to promote and bill OUR content free of charge.

We provide the highest quality and best converting licensed content for our affiliates and partners. Our range of content includes almost every niche site. Our team makes sure that our banners, pop ups and full pages converts your international traffic successfully and generates a great recurring business from all over the world.


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