Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ebizv - !!

Revolutionary Money Making System
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This perfect, fast and easy system will provide you a wonderful opportunity to turn your $2.00 into $200 Over and Over again.
No matrix to fill or sponsoring is required to get paid.

All you have to do is purchase a $2 Ads pack for which you get your banner ads rotated through our website and for which you will earn $200.

Sponsoring is not required however if you promote ebizv opportunity you will earn 10% of all the money invested on ads by the person whom you had sponsored.

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Started:25 Aug 08


Money Paid:

Payment Processors :
Alertpay & Liberty Reserve

1 comment:

Elliott said...

Today`s update, Nearly 100 spots has been cycled today, hopefully see ebizv system grow more n more
Here is the quote with the last number as usual :

Great cycle for today

21 positions cycled for the 5th time earning them a total of $12.50 till now that is over 600% profits on their ads pack purchase

It’s time to re-purchase some more ads pack to earn more profit and help team earn more

Thank you all who have been promoting and re-purchasing

7184 jodikaye


7281 knepp
Good Luck Everyone