Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Credit cards to first-timers I

Some ways to get the first credit card

When you are eighteen you are legally an adult with a liberating age, on which you are able to get a credit card and vote. The credit card companies are not very eager to give you a credit card though you may be eager to get your first one. There are only a few companies that are known for giving credit cards to first-timers, so do not try to put in several credit card applications.

Apply Credit cards as students

As most people know that credit card companies are much willing to dole out credit cards to college students, which may be a bed thing to others. The college students have a good chance of getting approved for a student credit card, however, it is recommended to have only one credit card since credit companies are notorious for preying on college students. 

Some of the student credit card offers are awful deals because they are of high interest rates and annual fees. The students may think the credit cards are just for them with a student label attached. Do not even think of it. Be wary that a first credit card often gives lower APR plus without annual fee, no matter if you are student or not.

Apply at bank with your checking or savings account

You could try to apply for a credit card at your bank if you have been responsible with a checking or saving account. It is better to talk face-to-face with a representative at bank to open your first credit card, by which it could improve the chance to get a credit card application approved. It would be ideal if you have an existing relationship.

Apply gas or department store credit card

It would be easier to apply credit card at department stores or gas companies, which is simpler than others. However, it is expensive to carry a balance from one month to the next since they have high interest rates.
What’s more, the department store or gas stations are the only place you can use for with the credit card. They encourage you to continue a spending spree by offering discounts while they limit what you can purchase.

Credit cards to first-timers I
Credit cards to first-timers II

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