Sunday, September 11, 2011

Credit Report Errors Dispute

If you think that your credit report is not accurate, incomplete or it is not verified yet, you can dispute the information as you want. You will receive instructions about how to dispute it when you make an order to the credit report. You can make dispute online or over the phone and through the mail as you need.

Dispute Credit Repair with Best Method

It is better to take a screenshots of your dispute. You do not have paper trail if you just dispute credit repair online or over the phone though it is a litter fast and easy. Send the proof for example a cancelled check showing you make your payment on time to support your dispute. Keep the copy of the dispute letter as a record. Then you will wait 30-45 days to wait for investigate and respond to your dispute from the credit bureaus. It is good to keep a credit report dispute template, which you will be able to modify in different disputes from the three credit bureaus.

Dispute Sending

You’d better send a copy of your credit report that will be an important proof to support your dispute when you are going to send your dispute to bureaus. The credit bureau may not process and decline to investigate the dispute or update your credit report if you do not provide enough information about your dispute. When you have sent a legitimate dispute, the investigation will be conducted soon and the credit bureau will respond you as schedule.

Credit Bureau Dispute Alternative

When it is necessary you can also send the disputes directly to the bank or business that listed the information on your credit report. Because they have the same legal obligation as you to investigate your dispute and remove inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable information from your credit report. It is also an important way to approach the investigation.

What Will Change after Dispute

The bureau will make the change and alert the updated credit report to other credit bureaus if the dispute is successfully investigated. You will receive the updated copy of your credit report and you will be able to add a personal statement to it. When a business manually reviews your credit report, the personal statements will help to give additional insight into your dispute though it won’t affect your credit score.

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