Monday, September 12, 2011

New Credit to You

It is recommended to make effort to get positive information added as new credit after you have fixed the negative items on your credit score. Make payments timely will help your score while late payments hurt your credit score, so it is ideal to have some credit cards and loans being reported on time. Always make payments on time that will keep your balances at a reasonable level.

How to get new credit

You may open up a new account for reestablishing your credit. You will not be approved for a major credit card to limit your credit card application if you have past delinquencies, which will keep your credit inquires low until your credit score improves. When you make a new application for credit the credit inquires will be added to your credit report each time, which will also hurt your credit score and your ability to get approved as a result.
Retail store have reputation for approving applicants with bad or limited credit history, so you can try to apply for their credit card if you got denied for a major credit card. But if they do not allow it, you can make a security deposit to get a credit limit in order to get a secured credit card, which can be used in more places than a retail credit card so somehow a secured credit card is more useful than a retail credit card.

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