Friday, September 9, 2011

Transfer fund from ICBC to BOA bank

When your company in the cross-border business process requires the use of T / T settlement received from abroad or export of foreign loans, capital, dividends, commissions, various fees, etc., can choose ICBC's international remittance services. ICBC international remittance services are: Global Remittance, Remittance Express, money express train, Taiwan Remittance Express, Bank of America (BOA) transfer, the full arrival, speed remittances.

ICBC characteristics and advantages of international remittances

ICBC's international remittance service with efficient, convenient and economic advantage. Both safe and efficient foreign exchange funds will be remitted to the payee, and can effectively save the cost of your money to reduce transit costs, improve your trading partner’s visibility and influence.

ICBC applies to the object of international remittances

Any foreign exchange management policy in line with the foreign exchange can be made when cross-border payment.

ICBC International Remittance Instructions

Inward remittance, you can simply sink ICBC's road guide (ICBC's overseas accounts or line of table) provided to you by the importer; outward remittance, together with your application as long as the corresponding data can be submitted to ICBC counters.

ICBC set up conditions for international remittances

To meet the requirements of foreign exchange management, ICBC in it for you when you need to review the international remittance business authenticity, please submit the remittance, while the corresponding data.

ICBC international remittances FAQ

ICBC has also imported T / T financing products and other supporting measures to provide you with full extension services.

1, ID card
2, Fee: 1/1,000(Min $20, Max $300)
dont buy BOA acc if you do not know how to renew it...

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