Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Get the Latest Copies of Your Credit Reports

You should know what you need to repair exactly when you are going to repair your credit. The mistakes you made that already led to bad credit can be found in your credit report. Try to find out what are the negative items that affecting your credit score. From the three credit bureaus you can get free credit reports each year. You can get the yearly free credit report from only. It’s also available to use phone or mail when it is necessary.

Get a Free Credit Report by Other Ways

If you got turned down for credit for something with your credit report, such as receiving government assistance, unemployed while you are going to look for a job, or if you are a victim of credit card fraud or your identity got stolen, you will be entitled to a free credit report then. There are some states even allow you to have an additional free credit report yearly. Through the credit bureaus you can get all these free credit reports that you ordered.

Credit Report Payment

You have to order your credit reports again from the credit bureaus if you have already used up your free credit reports of the year. The three of your credit reports are being listed in a three-in-one credit report in the bureaus. You will need to pay for the three-in-one credit report to get it. You will save money if you pay the three reports once together because the combined price of purchasing individual credit reports will be higher that it.
Because some of your creditors and lenders may report only to one of the credit bureaus, you’d better to order all three credit reports. It is possible to have different information on each of your reports when credit bureaus do not typically share information. You will be able to view a completed credit history which will help you repair your credit at all three bureaus by ordering all three reports.
You may need dispute information sometimes so you’d better make a an extra copy of each report. Also you can let the credit bureau keep a copy of it for you by sending the copy of your report to them.

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