Sunday, September 18, 2011

The knowledge of CAPTCHA

Why do you have to type the frustrating letters?

When you are going to join a site or make comment in a blog, you are asked to enter some jumbled up letters to continue. It is so frustrating sometimes when you need to type 1 instead of L or I from J.

All of you should be there and peering at the screen and try to figure out whether it is the correct letter or not. And then you may wonder how damn the similar-looking letter could be taken out of the algorithm to keep from offset. Okay, what are those frustrating letters and who should us type them?

It is called CAPTCHA, and a human response test for people to register.There are a lot of spammers around the internet, so the CAPTCHA is used on websites. It can somehow prevent or decrease members from spamming the site by checking if the person registering or trying to comment is a real live human being or now. We can also find that our email is of the feature such as some form of spam blocker.

Spam is working as previous junk mail caused before. The junk mail not only keeps in your mailbox or tie to your doorknob if the spammer is in charge. You yard could be littered and your car could be buried also your roof can be covered as a result.

You will consider that it is worth in the long run when you know what CAPTCHA is exactly. If you have a blog and spamming comment fly to it every day you will not think it is frustrating to continually be asked to enter in tangled letters from an image. As your blog is getting popular you will find even more spamming comments generated a day. So it is worth to have CAPTCHA against the spammers.

Now that you know what CAPTCHA is, do not feel frustrating by typing the crazy letters from CAPTCHA the next time when you are going to register a site. Take care of the spammers for they are the main reason why we should use CAPTCHA and we can also not avoid from them when we want to be a new member of a site.

A way to avoid captcha

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