Sunday, October 2, 2011

White hat and black hat SEO

White hat seo is frank and clear the suggests, streams exposed. It’s a fair way, using the guidelines issued with the major search engine optimization provided. It is the opposite of black hat seo.
White hat SEO has been believed as the best seo practices, it is to avoid all risk in the case of the operation, while avoiding the issue of search engine guidelines with any conflict, and it is also seoer practitioners for the highest ethical standards.
White hat seo is concerned about long-term interests, may be 2-3 years or longer after the time required for the effect is more stable. If you insist on not cheating, adhere to a few years, no accident, then your site should be able to get good traffic and ranking, and will have a profit point. And subsequent dependence on search engines smaller. Long-term interests of all development proposals or through white hat SEO tactics.
Use “white hat” optimization technology to go after the site’s ranking, without fear of being punished by search engines, ranking lasting or even forever. Even if suddenly one day the search engine ranking algorithm to adjust the site’s ranking is relatively stable. Choose white hat SEO services business; most of the focus on long-term interests, concerned about three years, five years after the Web site can bring profit to the company. Site construction has been completed; the traffic through the search engine will be a steady stream. As long as the proper site maintenance, site popularity and sales will gradually enlarge, use the site in the SEO advantages, the use of two to three years to gradually gain market share.
Difference between Black hat SEO and white hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
is used to optimize the way search engines ban sites that affect search engine rankings for websites reasonable and fair. At the same time because the search engine algorithm changes will face punishment.
White hat SEO
Using seo thinking, optimize website, to improve the users’ experience, rational and other sites connected. So that the site in search engine rankings improve.
White hat seo is concerned about long-term interests, the need for a long time, but the effect was stable.
SEO Black Hat Features
Standing on black hat SEO point of view, they also have their reasons. Because most of the black hat SEO is to use the program, they set up hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of pages of a web page, effortlessly, just put out their spiders crawling on it. Even their website a few months to be punished, he may have earned tens of thousands of dollars a thousand. For him, the return on investment is still quite high.
The position of standing on the white hat SEO, this long line to fish out a strategy, even if it is correct, some people are unwilling to do so. Carefully building a website, sometimes it is a very silly thing. You write content, do the investigation, to do traffic analysis, to analyze user browsing paths, and users to communicate.
Black hat SEO is much easier to do. Buy a domain name, you can even use the free web hosting, domain names are even saved. Program opened, put Adsense code to other message or blog to leave some of the words (these messages may also be generated automatically), then waiting to receive a check.

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