Sunday, October 9, 2011

A story about 'US Bank Scam'

Just Quote a story from another place.

I opened my account on 2/25/10 with US Bank. I had $3.65 in my account as of 4/12/10. In 2 months I was not sent a statement and was never contacted by them to see if they had my correct address. But on 4/29/10 they charge me $5 as a "return check fee". That overdrew my account by $1.35. Starting 5/5/10 they began charging me an overdraft fee of $8 a day. They have been very evasive in resolving my problem. I must have talked to a half a dozen different people always telling I have to talk to someone else. They do not return calls when they say they will. I even had one manager tell me they would stop the charges on 5/21/10 until it was resolved but they are still charging me these daily fees. Now the manger has a selective memory and says he does not remember ever saying that.

As of 6/9/10 they have now charged me $289 in fees which is 25,000% interest on $1.35. I have now put in a message to the district manger still with no resolution. This is turning into complete fraudulent charges at this point. It is also becoming surreal but I guess when it comes to the banking industry they have no morals or ethics. I'm only 19 but this is an eye opener to the banking industry. I'll certainly never trust them again!

WARNING: Do not do any business with US Bank as they will do their best to scam you if given the opportunity to do so! 
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