Sunday, October 2, 2011

SEO Study

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a popular network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website traffic, thereby increasing sales opportunities. It includes site SEO and out site SEO, the main work of SEO is to understand how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how to index and how to determine their impact on a particular keyword search results ranking and other techniques to the optimization of web pages related to improving search engine rankings, increasing site traffic, and ultimately enhance the site’s ability to sell or promote the ability of the technology.
Easily indexed by search engines through the use of reasonable means to make the site suitable for the basic elements of the principles of search engine retrieval and user-friendly (Search Engine Friendly), and thus more easily indexed by search engines and prioritize subordinate SEM (Internet Marketing) . Understand this: the search engine rankings by summing up the rules, be reasonable to optimize the site to make your site in Google’s ranking improved to let the search engines brings you to customers. Deep understanding is: The SEO based search engine such as marketing idea for the website to provide eco-style self-marketing solution that allows website holds a leading position in the business, resulting in brand benefits.
A site friendly to search engine should be easy to retrieve information, and allow users to retrieve information returns looking attractive, so as to achieve the purpose of search engine marketing. To illustrate which site is friendly to search engine, we can value these features:  Extensive use of pictures or pages with Rich Media and Flash, no text information can be retrieved; and the most basic SEO are articles SEO  and images SEO.
What’s more:
* No title for the pages, no valid key words;
* The pages are of less key words;
* Navigation system that search engines “cannot read”;
* A large number of dynamic pages so that search engines could not be retrieved;
* Not backlinks from the sites that have been approved by search engine already;
* Web site flooded with spamming contents, such as the “transition page”, “doorway” pages, text color and background are of the same color.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization, it can be known as a search engine technology outside from the website, the impact of these external factors are beyond the control of the site itself. The most useful of the most powerful external factor is backlink. There is no doubt that backlink play an important role for a site to get good ranking in the search engine results pages.
So how to generate high-quality backlinks?
1. high-quality content produce high-quality backlinks, the best way to get backlinks is to write quality content, your article will be promoted by readers if they like it.
2. Do link exchange with your partner each other. And link with related sites.
3. Categories Submission
Submit your site to the DMOZ directory, yahoo directory, ODP catalog directory sites, etc.
4. Social Bookmarks
Add your site to social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, delicious, etc. Here is a list for Social bookmarking sites.
5, Use Blog
One of the most effective way to get backlinks is publishing blogs.
6, Forum post and signature
Write original thread in the forums with links in, insert a url with the signature.
7, Buy high quality links
Do not recommend this method, the search engine will give a punishment.
8, Do SEM \ SEO with business partners.

On Page Optimization

To improve ranking, work hard is necessary, SEO is a systematic project, which requires a lot of collection and try. On Page Optimization contains the following main aspects:
1, Structure of the site’s inner links
Try to change the original links  of the flash and images, and links to the plain text links.
2, The reposition of the title
It is necessary to include keywords to optimize in the title, the page titles should be the unique ones, at least they should be displaying like “keywords – Home Page – a simple description with keyword” . Once it is set up you do not change them any longer.
3, Each page contains keywords and keep with certain Density
When you have finished the restructure of the content, submit the page to search engines at once in order to be recorded(keywornds and the new discription) as soon as possible.
4,Small adjustment for the structure
Assuming a lot of flash and images included in the main page, which are not good for rankings in search engine, so it is better to add some columns respectively, such as the company profile, main product with keywords and the company’s keyword list, and add url to the columns.
Of course, the best way is to use the news system with keywords to update main products. You can lead a link from the home page to a certain page with keywords. This page contains a description of the company’s product. It is a structure to form a network for a company’s website.
5, Resource application
After the structure of adjustment , you can use some external ways to promote your site. Firstly creat a blog for example blogspot, the subdomain should be related to use the company’s key products, display the information of the company, with the company Web site link in, Google robot will access the site soon. There is also a tip: visit other users bloggers via your blog randomly, in order to obtain a return visit, so the spider will reach better results. Tip: to increase traffic, leave a link the their blogs if they have shout box or available comment features.

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