Sunday, October 2, 2011

$100 AdSense payout: How to reach it easily?

Honestly, do you want to get paid by Google Adsense. Many of you have successfully gotten an approval account but your major challenge is getting to that minimum threshold of $100 or 70 pounds before claiming the check. How do you go about it as the daily earning report is very discouraging? Imagine having only 5 impressions in some bad days.
For Ad Sense business, you cannot earn huge money fast on the first time. It is like building your income first slowly but sure. There are many journals/blogs where people tell about their journey to the 100$ daily from Adsense. It may even a year to make that amount if you build site and backlinks yourself and it’s the hardest task to rank #1 in Google. Google is a great way to get organic traffic which leads to advertisement clicks, but it’s nowadays really hard to rank #1 in popular niche in Google’s search engine results.
People are telling that adsense is easily to reach $ 100 if we have good visitor, and we put the ads on the good place which the visitor can see it always. And some of them already got a payment from adsense by requesting the payment through WU (west union).
There is no one definite way to earn with Adsense as Google itself can also frustrate ones effort. Working with adsense is not easy, while many say it is not hard too, but it needs time in addition, it differs according to your country, and experience in website and blog designing, sometimes one get disappointed because after reaching a good amount and withdrawing he gets his account blocked however he didn’t make mistakes, but they give many pretenses!
For some people it is very easy to reach the payout threshold, however if you have 5 impression per day you can’t earn with that! Make effort to have around 5k impression. What you need is traffic and original content on your site; leave the rest for google to do. You will do reach the $100 weekly or thereabout when you have enough traffic.
How do they get so much traffic to get as much as 5k impression a day? Do they pay to get traffic or source it for free? As for most bloggers, they try to put contents but not so regular in updating it with new content. They imagine that is how Google crawlers to find blogs or sites to include in their searches. Well, this is all about SEO you should learn how to get indexed by google first before able to generate income from adsense. Beside that patient is a key to become success. Remember that adsense is not short term program but this is long term program to get earn.
For most people however, it’s not easy to reach that amount in google adsense. They have used and dump it, but it needs time to succeed in any online biz, which google adsense seems not to be exception to that. No 1 priority is to make good content and update it always, after that fine your way in getting daily traffics a day. It also depends on your site quality and traffic, it is said that someone could earned $1500 per month from adsense. The key is you must choose the niche from high paying keyword where you can earn around $8 per single click and try to drive traffic to your site. At least you will get click 10% from your total traffic. If your traffic is 1000 UV/day you can get 1 click.
Remember that the best result is to have a lot of traffic from google search engines.
In order to get clicked on the ads, it’s better to put the ads on the right place, especially for images ads, cause it’s always getting click than text ads, imagine that you have around 200 – 300 UV, and get 10 – 15 click daily, and then you are on the way to reach your adsense payout! What you have to do is to increase your traffic and then your clicks will automatically get doubled.
Remember do not to use facebook and traffic exchange sites.
For traffic exchange sites, it defiles Google’s policies. For facebook, if maximum of your traffic is coming from facebook, google will assume your friends or family are giving you a helping hands by clicking on your ads. Read some google adsense forum complains carefully.
Hey, if you use adsense on your sites, and you make some money from it, you would not allow anything to get it banned. So once in a while you should visit google adsense forum to check out some mistakes others are doing and try to play safe. (Please go to google and search for google adsense accounts banned or disable or whatever keyword you want to use). There was this particular guy that makes around 60k as in $60,000 monthly from adsense. And he got his account disable because he is driving most of his traffic from facebook. Google and Facebook are competitors, so they are always at logger-head against each other.
So from what you read is that google assume your friends in facebook are too close for their liking, you know, your friend might want to help you a little daily by clicking on your adsense ads. Do some search, find some google adsense “horror” stories and you will know it much more. Below you can spend some few minutes to read about the driving traffic from facebook and what google officials think about it.
Headline:”Google AdSense Account Disabled” with balance of $42,000 and monthly revenue of $60,000
Google really has serious dynamic policies which most times get people confuse and with the issue to driving traffic from traffic. Facebook’s traffic is crazy but will cause a bad result!
The 100$ dollar mark will surely be reached with patience. One word of thumb do not ever do black hat or else your hard earned dollars will never be yours. Just be patient and do white hat seo and for sure you will be earning little by little until you get higher page views.

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