Sunday, October 9, 2011

ICBC does not process fund from moneybookers

One of my friends told that he failed to transfer fund from moneybookers to ICBC.

He sent $100 via MB to ICBC but after some days he receive a call from ICBC that the company had sent $99 to him and the officer said ' we have a check online and we find it is forex item, Personals can not receive fund from forex platforms so we can not process it. ' then my friend said it works like paypal, but the officer said she does not know what paypal is.

OK my friend asked the officer to refund the money. and the officer told that they will charge $3 to refund it. ok, reund it! finally all chrages is $6+$2.8+$3=$11.8!!!

god, do not send moneybookers fund to ICBC again the next time!!!

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