Saturday, October 24, 2009 to to write stories  

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Pay Per Story £0.25

minimum payout: £10



- pays you to write stories
- 25 pence per approved story (more after the first 100 stories)
- min words per story: 350
- stories are based on keywords you're given and can be fictional or non fictional 


When signing up you will be asked to create a username and password each time you log in you will be asked for this information, how much you earn is entirely up to you.  You will earn money for each story you write, the current payments are:
  • 1-100 stories: 25p
  • 101-300 stories: 50p
  • 301-500 stories: 75p
  • 500+ stories: £1.00


Before you continue...

Dear Work Online user, We are introducing some changes to the site

We apologise if this disrupts your use of the site. Most users will be completely unaffected.

Before continuing to use the site, we require you to read and understand the following clauses.

1)    All stories must be your own content. We will close the accounts of users who submit copied content
2)    We will no longer accept “negative” stories. That is, stories stating “keyword” was bad, provided a poor service, etc.
3)    All stories must be spellchecked and checked for grammar before submission. Non spellchecked / grammar checked stories will not be accepted.
4)    New stories must be written about the required keywords. Look at the keywords, and write a story about them. We are currently re writing all documents on our website to state this.

ALL stories are moderated by HUMANS not a computer script. Please understand the points above, and don’t risk having your account shut down *

By entering the site, you are confirming you understand the above terms – and accept that any breach will result in your account being shut down*

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Mz. Eb. said...

Hi there,

I like your site. I think you have a range of good posts. However, I really would have appreciated it if you contacted me and asked to use my proof of payment for Work-Online before actually using it.