Friday, October 23, 2009

Paid to Promote Programs

Some paying sites



some other sites:


Paid to promote programs pay based on how many visitors you send to your advertising page. Each programs give you a link to a page they want you to advertise. This is called your PTP page, and it usually contains a bunch of ads packed together.
 The payment varies from $0.05 CPM to $1 CPM. CPM stands for the rate the website will pay you for every thousand visitors you send to your PTP page. It is quantity over quality that they are looking for, and believe me, finding thousands of visitors is easy.
You should advertise your PTP page on Traffic Exchange programs. They're a free system that gives your website hits(visitors) for every website you visit. You can visit websites manually or automatically(autosurfing).
 There are only a few paid to promote websites that allow you to promote with autosurf websites, and they're hard to find. However, they're all listed here!
Most of these programs also double as paid to read programs and autosurf programs. I suggest you occasionally surf and read the emails along with promoting. If you don't get a little involved in the other aspects of the program, your account might be thought of as "inactive" and therefore deleted. Don't worry though, I didn't find this requirement listed(As it is in many other PTP programs) with any of these programs listed below , but it doesn't hurt to be safe.

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