Friday, October 23, 2009 to promote

Who we are? is new advertisment system, which will pay you for every ad impression. We have online stats, so you have immediate overview of your earnings. Payouts are sent on PayPal and MoneyBookers.
Current CPM are:
Group 1:
Size 468x90: 0.15 $
Size 300x250: 0.20 $
Size 1x1: 0.08 $

Group 2:
Size 468x90: 0.02 $
Size 300x250: 0.02 $
Size 1x1: 0.02 $

Group 1 countries: UK,US,CA,NL

For referring new member, you will get 10% of all his earnings.
Registration, approving and all other is fully automatic. So register and you can immediate star earning !

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