Thursday, February 5, 2009 paid to type captcha

This is a very simple site wherein you get .
0.1cents for every correct captcha you type.

the minimum payout is 10 cents through LR.

the payment is instant. so you will receive it as soon as you request the payment. i have received payment from this site once.. see attachments

there is no referral system..

here is the link

earning here is not that much tough. only thing is that you have to be careful with the caps letter...A way to avoid captcha.


dhawal said...

but i really dont understand that how come we know that its a small or caps.

can any one help me out with the tips to do this thing

partthi said...

I am parthi i want to do this business but i dont know how to join in this site so please make sure my doubts

Narinder said...

hi. i hv got this site from my frnd. but i dont know how to join & to do this business. so tell me how to start it..

Narinder said...


bradford said...

Hi This is Bradford...I hav looked over your site but unfortunately it seems that the site is not operational...please advise further instructions on my

Lookin forward for a speedy reply.

Praveen said...

anybody who wants to know about Captcha sites and the Work procudure can call me on +91-9963942381.

Thanks and regards,
Praveen Goud.

n.karuppu said...

i am samy i am not able to know this system,can any one help me out with the tips to do this thing


Global said...

I have a problem regarding payment cash out,

I have balanc: $ 0.116
in this site

when I make order for payment
it confirm for "submit"

and than message appears " Faild"

why it happen can any body say ??
pls let me inform on may mail


Dhaval Chauhan

F Lalrinawma said...

i have problems at entering captcha, if i entered more than 100 captcha, amount displayed is very less. can you tell me how to solve my problem.

Ibrahim said...

it would be very helpful for me if you clarify every aspects of this business. how can i join and as well as how can i get payment. khan

A.K.M. said...

Hi I'm Tina please give me a advice how can i creat a group and how can i get the IP address of this site for stand alon.

sailesh said...

Captcha2cash promise to pay $2 per thousand entries, but when you start entering captcha if you enter 100 captcha the balance should be $0.2 but in website the balance will be $0.02 only that means they stealing your money for rest of the 90 captcha's, though they display a message saying that the balance will be updated shortly but that never happens, and they are doing it intentionally as i mailed them atleast 20 times but they are not even trying to fix it also they will never replies to your email complaints and they are not providing there address and contact info on the websites. So that means they are scamming people in a smart way and making lots of money.

Jai said...

Dear Sir,

I transferred my balance amount to Liberty Account, then how will i get my bank account. somebody pls help me & tell me

Jai said...

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Deathowl said...


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optimistic34 said...

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vikki said...


waqas said...

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nisar116 said...

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