Saturday, February 7, 2009


it is paying,but it requires investment of 3$ firstly.

Have you used this? Maybe put some more information about what sort of site it is, how one earns etc. What are you investing your $3 into?

(Personally I don't EVER pay out money to sites like this until I have earned at least as much as they are asking for!).

there are enough paying sites out there not to have to pay people to earn money.

in this site,people can only have 3 referrals,if you have 3 referrals already,someone others join it under you again,then the member will be downline of others.

well,the investment is 3.4$
with that condition,you will be able to resell their products(e-books) and if you have 3 referrals you no need to refer any members.


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