Sunday, February 1, 2009

$0.04 per thread
$0.03 per post
There is limit of 10 threads in paid section per day.
Unlimited reply posting (no spamming)
Payment threshold $12
Payment method : LR or paypal

Noexpiry Earning details :

For every thread you created with a minimum of 40 characters, you will earn NE$0.04.
For Every post reply you post with a minimum of 40 characters, you will earn NE$0.03
You will not earn for posting in this category: All section in NoExpiry Message Board, All section in Relax Corner category and Get Paid To section in Money Club Category
There is limit of 10 threads per day but there are unlimited post reply you can make. Be more responsive instead of starting a thread and don't bother to reply to your own thread
Payout threshold $12
Payment via Liberty Reserve & Paypal only
Payment will be made once a month.
Once you have reach the threshold of NE$12.00 you can make a request at the payment section in this format
To cashout your credits, go to payment section and post in the sub forum Liberty Reserve or Paypal in which you desire to get payment via.

Paypal id / Liberty Reserve a/c no.:
Amount to cashout:

All payment request can be made on the 10th - 12th of each month
Payment request will be subject to auditing and we will process once approved
If your payment request is deny, the reason might be non-quality post or not following the rules of the forum when posting. (limit of 10 threads in paid section but you can have unlimited post reply. NO SPAMMING)
For unapproved payment request, credits balance might be subject to readjustment and you have to made another payment request in the next payment cycle
Approved payment will be sent on the 15th-16th of each month

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