Saturday, October 11, 2008

Multiple Plans - EG, LR, VM, AG

More and more investors around the world are seeking the alternative investments ways for getting good profit. Our financial team consists of five traders with 3 year experience. Their specialty - intraday trading on a FOREX market. Technical team consists of two engineers which support the VolcanoInvest site online. We trade the collected and personal funds to share our profit with all members.

The VolcanoInvest site is under DDoS protection powered by Black Lotus Communication (BLCC). Secured site script. SSL-certificate (HTTPS-connection) to protect all users data during transmission process. If you'll get the warning or error message (Secure Connection Failed) from your browser regarding our SSL-certificate, please add/approve to trusted zone or add the exception for our SSL-certificate. Fast 24/7 support.

According our Terms - no payouts on Sunday. The Withdrawal button will be available after deposit plan expiration, payout request will be processed within 12 hours (usuall faster). Also you can re-invest directly from your account balance part or full amount of expired deposit.
You can make an additional deposits (also with different e-currencies) as many times as you wish, but limit is 5 active deposits at one time. The maximum amount for all active deposits is limited to US$1000. All limits are set to prevent against hit'n'runner, hit'n'hunter practice.


105% after 1 day
110% after 2 days
120% after 3 days

Referral Commissions (daily auto-payout): 3%

E-currencies: E-gold (manually), LibertyReserve (automatically), V-money (automatically), AlterGold (automatically).

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