Wednesday, October 1, 2008

(5000Clicks) Burn and Earn - We make Scents you make Dollars!

Love to Burn Candles? Our Candles Can Make You Money!
We have created a Candle Lover's Dream Business where you can BURN and EARN Fast!!

OUR Soy Candles are clean burning, virtually sootless and simply the BEST smelling candles ever made!


BURN and EARN BIG money! With our Scent-Sational products we offer 3 ways:
1. Residual Income (this is the best kind of income)
2. Retail profits (these candles sell themselves)
3. Fundraising Profits (outstanding)

To get started now, join the Candle of the Month club and get Burning and Earning FAST!

Our gourmet candles smell so amazing, you'll want to reach for a spoon instead of a match! We have introduced them to a HUGE niche market and YOU can earn very serious money marketing these new Clean Burning Soy Scented Candles right from your own home! I'll show you how YOU can earn a 4, 5, or even a 6-figure Income!

Not like all the others, you can receive inventory every month to start your way to your own business!!

Enter to win a free 16 oz.jar candle and bella bar in our weekly drawing! and click on "candle drawing"

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