Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mission: Retire in 120 Days

Good news! People are waking up, With your own home business, you can start part-time and build a solid income that will continue to provide a great lifestyle for your family.

Learn how We Have Taken People With No Experience In Advertising, Ecommerce, Internet Marketing And Transformed Them into Profit Generating, Income Pulling And Wealth Building Experts"

The Truth is that most people fail in one business, jump to another and another and another....

The cycle ends now!

Our Team is SCREAMING with Momentum and Success...
and you receive the BEST mentors in the industry!

"Join My Team Now and I'll Show You How To Earn Up To $40,000 Per Month by Simply "Giving Away" F.R.E.E. Education That Helped a Homeless 21 Year-Old Earn $3,244,842.32 In Just 27 Months..."

Here's what I'm going to do when you join me for F.R.E.E. in Success University...

- I will answer my phone and return e-mails from you! (Breakthrough - An Online Biz with no Selling, and a Mentor that returns calls/e-mails! I personally don't believe this should be a "Breakthrough"...but in today's world it is...)

- When you sign up now, all the people I refer after you will be placed below you... one directly below another, below another, etc. (I refer a LOT of people, so you'll get a lot put on your team. That means everyone I enroll after you will go below you and will count toward YOUR commissions!)

- I'll setup your website for you and host your auto responder. (and if you want to do it yourself, our secret team training site shows you step-by-step)

- I'll show you our team's secret to advertise your business to at least 10,000 people/day!

I offer a guarantee! Because we have one of the fastest growing teams in Success University, I will GUARANTEE that you will get people enrolled in YOUR organization during your 14 day free trial!

Go now before everyone else does to secure your position above them!

If you can follow 3 simple steps like I have, YOU can be a success too:

Step 1: Enrol for a 14-Day Free Trial at no cost just $2 donation to Feed The Children Fund and receive $1,949 in education with no obligation. Your benefit of joining with me is that I'm going to place a ton of students on your team...

Step 2: Simply follow our simple step-by-step marketing system that helps you "give away" free education to thousands of people. I will show you how to show YOUR business to over 10,000 people per DAY. (You will only receive this from my team.)

Step 3: Earn residual income on all the students who remain a student of Success University.

Go to the website now and you can enrol for a 14 Day Free Trial and start making money by the end of the day.

My advice is to drop everything and do this right now because the people who jump on this email first, will get positioned ABOVE those who wait. (And will earn the most money because of the customers I put below you.)

1. Enrol for a 14-Day Free Trial at no cost

2. Just $2 donation to Feed The Children Fund and receive $1,949 in education with no obligation.

3. Let's get started

Join Now

See you on the other side

To You Success,

Louie Bennett


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