Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LaptopDiscussions-paid to post

Hi everyone. I have created a laptop forum and I decide to make it a pay per post forum. You can make money by posting and referring in our forum, payment by Paypal and Liberty Reserve only.

Here are the details:
1. $0.01 Base for new Thread + $0.01 for every 10 words in the post up to 50 words.
$0.01 Base for new Post + $0.01 for every 10 words in the post up to 50 words.

2. $1 per referral (please don't cheat. We'll know if you try to do so)

3. Do not post spamming words like "Thanks for sharing" or "cool info". Just use it as regular forum, act like real user, and stay on topic.

4. Do not mention the pay per post campaign in the forum itself. Instead if you have any question, ask one of the admins there, PM them (Amro or Ruddy).

Payout: $10. If you have any question feel free to ask here or see you in that forum.

Payment details
Amount: $10.00 USD
Transaction Date: Mar 26, 2009
Transaction ID: 7HU13831FM1533***
Subject: You've got a payment

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PTC said...

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