Sunday, March 8, 2009

htportal-PAID TO POST

Funny humor time portal forum: pay per post 0.02$

Funny Humor time portal - Index is sister forum of cashtalk, but there you can only have fun, pay per post is only for cashtalk members and it works the same way like it works here, but there you get more points per post. There are 5 items which can be bought for 50 000 points and they will bring you 100 000 points on cashtalk, so posting there is doubled. There is only 5, but later we will have other offers and sells for cashtalk.

Please use same username like you use here to register on Funny Humor time portal - Index.

Humor time portal forum have this features:
Shop like this forum
lots of actions, like changing other suers titles, stealing credits, arcade games and more.
It have unique Karma mod, which allows you to write bad karma for someone and explain why you did it.
There is many categtorys in which you can post.

Lets have fun people

payment proof can be found in their forum.

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