Friday, July 1, 2011

Baidu didnt act as people were thinking of

Friday, July 1, today, yesterday, the big update in the days of Baidu, and Baidu has not a trace of change, by June 27 google PR update when the selection contains a large number of Killed sites.

Baidu may do so, as Internet rumors, the new is to bring everyone's attention from the issue of google's PR update back to top Baidu.

Yes, 30 yesterday, few people talk about PR on the matter, the topic is still stuck in Baidu is still included on the recovery thing.

And the Bo seo, included but no any loss or Sylvia exist Baidu seems too content originality value.

For google's PR update, I think many people are happy than sad, because most sites have increased a little.

So more or less increased by some people google PR updated extreme views, people think PR is really gone era, the site has PR can not explain the problem.

I am sad this PR update is greater and happy, the website did not change at hand, even worse is a pr4 station because of equipment - the temporary closure of the case is not clever case of PR update.

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