Sunday, May 8, 2011

He is so patient

HE (2011/5/8 21:01:31): Hello
ME (2011/5/8 21:23:49): hello, i am back now\
HE (2011/5/8 21:24:12): Would you like to join my Liberty Reserve investment club?
HE (2011/5/8 21:24:20): In it I will show you how to earn $1 million is just 5 days
HE (2011/5/8 21:24:54): Here is the link to the club if you would like to join:
HE (2011/5/8 21:30:25): So are you interested?
ME (2011/5/8 21:30:46): sorry i am not interested in any investment
ME (2011/5/8 21:31:02): may i know which country are you from
HE (2011/5/8 21:31:09): United States
ME (2011/5/8 21:31:18): do you have site
ME (2011/5/8 21:31:22): are you webmaster
HE (2011/5/8 21:32:19): People are getting paid from this investment site there is real proof of payment and the site also sponsors three popular message boards that have members that post their payouts on the message board as well
ME (2011/5/8 21:32:51): why dont you invest yourself
HE (2011/5/8 21:33:11): I have but I'm waiting 30 days to get my return
ME (2011/5/8 21:33:24): 30 days, its so risky
HE (2011/5/8 21:33:31): But in this one you can get money back in just 12 hours
ME (2011/5/8 21:33:33): i am worried of losing money
HE (2011/5/8 21:34:17): Well, when you join my club I will show you a way were you can invest money without having to worry about losing some
ME (2011/5/8 21:34:36): how can i trust it
HE (2011/5/8 21:35:15): You can trust it by the proof of payments that are on the site and on the three popular money message boards the site sponsors
ME (2011/5/8 21:36:12): people can make proofs with photoshop so how can i trust those proofs
HE (2011/5/8 21:36:46): It's not photo proofs it just written proof
HE (2011/5/8 21:37:08): Have you looked at the the club yet?
ME (2011/5/8 21:37:18): then its still not trustable
ME (2011/5/8 21:37:55): it looks like a subdomain
ME (2011/5/8 21:38:00): how can i trust a subdomain
HE (2011/5/8 21:38:15): You mean the group?
ME (2011/5/8 21:38:30): yup
HE (2011/5/8 21:39:38): I created the group from a site where you can make and join groups, first take a look at the group by clicking on the link I gave you then tell me what you think
ME (2011/5/8 21:40:45): is that about hyip or what
HE (2011/5/8 21:40:59): Yes it is
ME (2011/5/8 21:41:08): i dont trust hyip
HE (2011/5/8 21:41:26): I know but this one is real and really pays
ME (2011/5/8 21:42:11): maybe, its a new one and will pay small money to the investors but wont pay big funds back
HE (2011/5/8 21:43:10): Ok, but before you do that join my club and I'll show you a way where you can invest more money
ME (2011/5/8 21:44:15): if you can borrow me some LR to invest, and i can make profit finally i would like to pay 50% profit back to you
HE (2011/5/8 21:45:04): Ok, that can be arranged in the future, so did you join yet?
ME (2011/5/8 21:45:39): oh, you have to provide LR to me so that i can invest
HE (2011/5/8 21:46:07): Ok, I can do that, but first did you join?
ME (2011/5/8 21:46:38): i can join, but you have to lend LR to me at first
HE (2011/5/8 21:47:03): I will lend you money after you join
ME (2011/5/8 21:48:58): how can you lend money as i dont know you
HE (2011/5/8 21:49:23): I know another way to get money if you join
HE (2011/5/8 21:49:30): Do you have a checking or savings account?
ME (2011/5/8 21:49:43): what do you mean
HE (2011/5/8 21:49:57): Do you have a checkings or savings bank account?
ME (2011/5/8 21:50:27): bank?
ME (2011/5/8 21:50:49): do i need a bank account for the program
HE (2011/5/8 21:51:39): Well, if you don't have enough money to invest first, and would be a good idea to have a bank account so you can get money online to use for investing
ME (2011/5/8 21:52:14): i cant understand
HE (2011/5/8 21:52:41): Do you have a credit card?
ME (2011/5/8 21:52:44): no
ME (2011/5/8 21:52:57): i dont use it as its risky
HE (2011/5/8 21:53:03): Okay, first it would be a good idea to get a credit card
HE (2011/5/8 21:53:12): It's not risky if you use it right
ME (2011/5/8 21:53:28): it easy to use it by mistake
ME (2011/5/8 21:53:39): so i have to keep care always
ME (2011/5/8 21:53:43): thats not a good thing
HE (2011/5/8 21:56:34): Get a free credit card by going and signing up here:
ME (2011/5/8 21:57:10): does that me free money
ME (2011/5/8 21:57:22): does it mean free money
HE (2011/5/8 21:57:36): Yes they give you a free $10 if you sign up for a credit card
HE (2011/5/8 21:57:57): And you get a checking bank account when you get the credit card
ME (2011/5/8 21:59:00): how does the company charge to the credit cards
HE (2011/5/8 22:00:00): They charge a monthly fee of $9.95
HE (2011/5/8 22:00:18): But you don't have to worry about that becuase once you invest you have enough money for that
HE (2011/5/8 22:00:38): Well, I have to go somewhere but I'll be back later okay?
ME (2011/5/8 22:00:59): alright

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