Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Web site owners to operate their female Suggestion

Received today a message is love Love Network webmaster of women sent me, let me take the time to the site under the weight of his diagnosis of why the do not increase, and so I gave him Ai-ai female network operators to provide some suggestions. Actually, before I often receive a number of network operators Webmaster women friends sent some help, today I have detailed to you talk about the way of operating the network of women, of course, this is only my personal view point, welcome participate in discussions. China's Internet development today, the birth of a large number of successful Internet companies, of course, more food and clothing for small site owners or in the line of struggle. In both women into the net to Ariel, beauty, female headed Tanabata female network portal in just two of the three years to grow, set the industry benchmark, a time sites springing up all kinds of women from all corners of the Internet to take the out. According to well-known commercial source supplier Sheng Nannan said, China's women's number of sites more than 200,000! Although this data has exaggerated suspicion, but a reflection of the popular women's website.

House of Love website at women asked me Why do not increase web site, I opened his website, printed into the eyes of the web page so I am very disappointed, stereotyped women network, the use dedecms fine imitation of a female process, the design is very beautiful optimized structure is very good, the site seems not the slightest flaw, at least superficially so, but because of this women's network program is very good, so that many people use, and more on the flood, a flood has become a garbage program, and you think, ah, waking the page, the data also fits the collection, fraudulent claims most of the owners are very lazy, not even a part of any name changes, what labels do not do anything changes, most of the owners get the procedure simply modify the configuration, modify the name and logo, a new station on the line. In this way, the site rather surprising if the higher weight, and has proved difficult to attract search engine included. Well, man of few words said back to the topic, let me give you my summary points are listed in women's net operating experience.

1. Web space option. Most women are relatively large network of programs, especially the home page index file even some common than 60kb reach 100kb, open the super-slow speed, which we subject to a large female net effect of Yiwei home do grave very versatile nerve to say that they operate in women portal, people can use the server program to host a great site, but a little common owners are hiring virtual space. So webmasters are very important in the choice space, is generally not recommended to choose support for multiple scripts running site, complex but not to choose the best running only in one language of space, now, then I recommend using php space, This the future is a big trend, asp will be eliminated step by step.

2: Site configuration! Web configuration site keyword, description is essential, and this point is often overlooked by everybody, or other websites directly copy the keywords and description. In fact, we Taikebubi to Guanjian Ci is set to a headache, I have read most of the women's website keywords set to "women, beauty, women, emotional, trend" and similar keywords, so what is the use keywords set We also can not afford to optimize these words go to Baidu front. I propose to set more towards a particular keywords, long tail to create a word like. I used to operate an Taobao customer sites, key words are from the "list, Daquan, recommended" The three words starting point and proceed to set out about is the "list Taobao, Taobao ranked women's shop, shop Top Crown Taobao, Taobao crown shop Daquan, ladies shop recommended Taobao, Taobao large size store recommended ", and then after a period of optimization and heap Toru related articles from more than Baidu search keywords related to my site can get a good ranking in the Home . Said description, many people will be written directly to the same key words and description, like that will only make search engines think you are malicious heap thorough keyword, playing black hat seo, site k off easily. Actually, a good description of writing, the words simply means you are doing what the station on the way, remember: Do not heap thorough description of key words, the main key words in the description can be 1-2 words.

3: Website plate settings and template choices. I know owners, most of the stations do it alone, since it is a person, why do portal, even if to do, so many plates can manage to get through? A mature woman, including portal Beauty, fashion, hair, emotion, entertainment ... .... and so on several sections, each section there are a dozen blocks, a total of more than 100 plates, one could manage to get through? apparently most of the webmaster If you do not help capture, you do not say management, is the problem of filling the data. I suggest we do women network, if it is personal, it is best to abandon the idea of the portal, you can concentrate on a large plate, such as cosmetics, clothing, and then several small segments Forum, a site 10 to 20 is sufficient Forum , the name can be a certain beauty network, certain of clothing, rather than an old woman a certain network. There are templates of choice, it is recommended that you do not use very large ornate popular template, since the popularity of high, indicating that template really did a good job, but by a man with too much, too much homogeneity site, we do Website optimization since there advantage? select the template can choose according to the official original or a few simple little template for their own on it. Ip138, qq163 music network, hao123 the success of these sites and tell our site is ugly, so simple, can be successful, leading the industry.

4: Content! This is a very important point, "content is king" sentiment is received wisdom, but in the majority of owners, in particular, do not stand by webmasters the problems of poverty in front of four words how pale and weak. Webmasters find another space, but also to find program to find the template, a lot of things. Some time would be no original content, some experience in the past to see tutorial article, the authors referred to give webmasters often do not impetuous, down down, work hard, insisting on will be successful. I think this must be the author of the Internet industry or successful people do not understand the status quo of Chinese webmaster outsiders, most of the webmaster simply not enough time to write about original article, not to join in, I think most of the stations Long is the love for the ideal, station, but the real from entering the circle, you will find a very helpless, only to make money is true, the value of a station will be manifested only make money. Although I maybe has a terrible sentence, but we think the status quo is not so, well, back to the topic. Original you can not, then collect it. But the thieves, if people collecting rules written directly into the use, then in addition to the space occupied by your capacity, I do not know what good. We do not collect too much in fact one day the article, remember this time and I must say the second link, and the second point I said we set up some long tail keywords. Well, this time we came out thinking, we collected articles to pseudo-original. Very simple in the article's title in the long tail words into our goal, and then in the article at the beginning and the middle of a target long tail keywords are inserted, and so on, each of the articles were collected by adding targeted keywords. Collected 20 articles a day is enough, so the workload will not be too much. This is the key word because we set the competition less intense long tail terms, and our article contains a set of long tail keywords that we, so our key words and content of the network is unique. Baidu also worry Google will not come crawling reptiles spiders it?

However, many people, after all, is a new Web site, the low weight of the new station is a fact, not included is the fact that we find ways to increase the primary sites included in search engines, specific software is simple text data that is outside the chain! More information you can search "Ding Road Division: Baidu new ways to increase your website!"

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