Friday, September 5, 2008

Elite Group Invest. Grow up from the 40$ profit 40.000$ for 6 mo

Elite Group Invest

One time registration fee $ 40 LR
Compensation $40,000 after 6 months
$12 LR per every direct referral

The goal of Elite Group Invest is to offer an extraordinary financial opportunity with unlimited income potential.

With the continuing growth of people who want to work from home, Elite Group Invest provides an opportunity through an innovative program designed to meet an ever changing and growing global environment.

Elite Group Invest is operated by professionals from different walks of life, including accountants, auditors, business and legal consultants with a wealth of experience both locally and worldwide, as well as online.

The Elite Group Invest opportunity has several unique and very lucrative features when compared to other "financial programs" being offered in the world today, including:

a one-time membership fee of only $ 40
$40,000 to you, once membership goal is achieved
$3,000 Loyalty Rewards Plan for EVERY direct referral You bring to the system
Instant Referral Bonus $12 LR
Elite Group Invest draws on the knowledge, experience and resources of a worldwide network to create a uniquely effective and rewarding financial opportunity for You!

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sheelajasmine said...

i would like to join under your link so pls send me the link to my email address at . ok thanks