Tuesday, April 8, 2008

paid.vg-Violating the TOS?

4. Payments are made through AlertPay. You must collect $10 before you can receive payment. Payment will usually be given within 30 days (depending on workload) of you having chosen to redeem, Premium Members receive priority payments. AlertPay accepts all major credit cards and bank transfers.
@TOS (Terms Of Service)

You are eliminating and not paying to cheat users, but what do you call to this that you are doing? I Call it cheating, because since 25 that several users haven't been paid, i don't want to cause the ruining of the site with bad publicity, i want't an explanation for this time of waiting and violating of TOS, that you're doing.


What's going on with this site, why all payments have been canceled, and there is only one ad to click? This site is looking every day like a SCAM and I'm very disappointed they canceled my $25 cash out.. I wonder what is the next thing to come, probably one day will try to login and there will be no paid.vg no more, they will run away with all of our money!

Admin strikes again and screws us all, I hear hes been selling the script but not giving it to the people who bought it, I dunno whats going on with this kid but he seriously needs a good kick in the @$$, As if it wasn't bad enough already waiting since 25th feb for payout now they have all disappeared again.

Way to go admin your doing such a great job here of making people really annoyed.

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